Emotional Liberation

Coming directly from the unconscious, without the self-critic's cencorship, emotional content in which we cannot express verbally, flows safely and gently, through colors and movement, into the papers and canvases and there processed and transformed while serving as powerful ingredients for personal creation and self-expression.

Intuitive Painting, developed by Dr. Pinki Feinstein serves as a powerful adjuvant to all kind of psychotherapy, by enabling emotional load and tension to be released with no need to verbalize or explain. It also empowers art therapy process by adding tools for spontaneous non criticized outlet.

But most of all, Intuitive Painting is the answer to all people seeking for creative, direct and enjoyable expression without the necessity to study traditional arts.

In fact, the main reason people attend Intuitive Painting is quite mysterious. They are simply drawn to this experience without knowing why. They hear the term Intuitive Painting and feel the urge to pursue it, with no delay.

Basic Rules

All people are highly creative. This basic fact is usually forgotten in early years.

Exaggerated self-criticism stands between most people and their genuine spontaneous expression.

Emotional expression is limited when restricted to verbal outlet only.

People's true story is fully told through Intuitive Painting yet coded in a way that protects it from being revealed to naked eye.

Emotions are fuel for spontaneous creativity and when are not given a way for such expression imbalance grows.

Analyzing the results of Intuitive Painting is never a part of the practice and may sabotage all changes and benefits coming from this experience.

All people, with no exception, go through significant change after a few months of  Intuitive Painting. There is no way for stuck emotional material to remain untouched in Intuitive Painting and this will always lead for personal progress.

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