The Science of Intuitoin is about explaining the unexplainable.
Intuition,  a source of precise and invaluable information for human beings begins at the very point where we stop understanding and let other parts of our mind make their unique contribution.


Intuition may help you make the best decision you need.
It will guide to the right places in which nobody will think you should to go to.


Intuition is something we can learn, practice, explore and master.
There are specific rules, tools and guidlines that make intuition handy, accessible and usable, for everybody.

This is what the The Science of Intuitoin is about.



Intuitive Painting, Psycho-Creative Therapy and Emotional Transformation Application are the main tools he has developed following his findings and practice.


Dr. Feinstein published books, in Hebrew and English.


His English books:

Lose Weight and Grow Your Spirit

Right-Brain's Way

Addiction to Poverty 

The Holy Business 

How to Become a Creative Lover


Among His Hebrtew books:

A moment Before the Psychiatrist

Saying Goodby to Anxieties

How to Raise Happy and Creative Children 

ADHD, Healthy Restlessness 

The Complete Guide to Overcome Addictions



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