The Psycho-Creative Institute

The Psycho-Creative Institue is Dr Feinstein's base of work and creation.

Located near Tel Aviv, Israel, the Psycho-Creative Institute is a unique place for people to go through healing processes that are based on linking the "Psycho" (emotions, mood, feelings etc.) and "Creative" (artistic expressions free from criticism or cencorship.)


Knowing how to access one's  Right Brain means having a happier and significantly more rewarding and healthy quality of life.
However, failure to properly work  with Right Brain means staying stuck with the things that seperate people from their true path. 


Right Brain holds the keys and the know how about:


Creativity: The Ability to cope with challenges with open mindset and flexibility.


Intuition: The things we know but cannot fully explain how we came to realize them.


Emotions: The things we feel but not always understand how to handle.


Passion: Some may say this is the most powerful yet slippery driving force on earth.

Spirituality: Our beliefs, faith and inner guidance.


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Dr Feinstein: Rt. Brain Psychiatrist

Dr Pinkie Feinstein is a certified psychiatrist.
Yet his work and tools derived mainly from sources that are not current part of medical/scientific/psychiatric training.

Dr Feinstein is a Right Brain Psychiatrist and that means that a big part of his ideas and means of helping people are generated from his own imagination, intuition and creativity. 


As a rule, I prefer the non-medicating route because I believe that the most important "remedie" I can offer people is helping them find their own creative and unique way to heal themselves and change their lives.


Years ago I realized I am blessed with unique skills and abilities that allow me to access my Right Brain easily and to show people how to connect with this abundant source of ideas and solutions quicker.


Since then, I am in continuous journey of  work and research. My aim is to develop as many  tools and routes as possible to bridge between people and their most important assets that  are usually poorly known or even imagined exist.

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