Intuition investigated and activated

Exploring intuition's rules and mode of action may seem impossible.
Although interesting and intriguing, intuition has all the features of a subject in which logic and science cannot implement their principles and tools in.
How can we access the inaccessible?


Dr Pinkie Feinstein, a psychiatrist who spent 20 years in uncovering intuition's mechanism, developed the intuitive painting method, intuitive therapy and emotional transformation app brings here all the experience, tools, tricks and avenues to re-connect to intuition, to understand it better and to make a broad use of it, everywhere.


All You Need to KNOW About INTUITION

This is the name of the book Dr. Feinstein is working on, these days.

To make it more interesting and helpful, Dr Feinstein decided to turn the process of making this book a more community based adventure.
And this is where you can step in!


No matter where you are, you are welcomed, if you feel like, to join this free and exciting journey. Be a part of a process of making a book about one of the most interesting, mysterious and important part of human mind.


Click to join the group who walks together with Dr. Feinstein, to the secrets of intuition.  


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