Intuition Revealed

The Science of Intuitoin is about explaining the ability of knowing far before proving. What may seem at first as a impossible is here to become a comprehensive source of knowledge for human growth, development and healing.


Intuition,  a source of precise and invaluable information for each individual begins at the very point where we stop understanding and let other parts of our mind make their unique contribution. Doing this is not an easy task yet possible. We're here to make it happen.


Intuition may help you make the best decision you need.
It will guide to the right places in which nobody will think you should to go to.


Intuition is something we can learn, practice, explore and master. There are specific rules, tools and guidlines that make intuition handy, accessible and usable, for everybody.


This is what the The Science of Intuitoin is about.




Being an Intuitive Psychiatrist

It wasn't until recently that I have realized the huge benefit of following my intuition's guidance to become a doctor and psychiatrist, despite the major differences between a guy like me and most of my colleagues. 


Thanks to this long and exhausting process I know all about the current official trends and states of mind regarding mental illnesses and difficulties. It also allows me a full view of the great limitations psychiatry suffer from while not using intuition as a major tool for diagnosis as well as treatment.


In my clinical work, intuition plays a major part of everything I do, think and use while helping my clients recover from their depression, anxiety and other major struggles. This allows me to understand my clients' deep conflicts faster and better and offer them a more creative approach to cope with their challenges.


Realizing intuition's  mode of working has given many more precious gifts.


These are the pros.


As far as my colleagues, I am still a stranger and certainly not a reliable source of knowledge, all because I don't run what they regard as "real experiments". I can understand their stand point but at the same time it forces me to remain an outsider, and not only there.


Yet this inevitable gap will never stand between me and my quest to bring the science of intuition to its proper place and to deliver its rules, tools and secrets to all people who wish to wake up to their authentic unique knowledge.




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