Intuitive Painting

A route for emotional-creative expression and processing developed by Dr. Pinki Feinstein.


Intuitive Painting was first dezigned in order to reduce the impact of the inner-critic while engaging in creative work and further in all other life's situations.


Later it became also a friendly tool for other purposes like reducing anxiety and improving coping with day to day life's challenges.


Dr. Feinstein's Intuitive Painting is a well structured system and includes training of follower Intuitive Painting Instructors that lead groups around the world.

More about Intuitive Painting

More about Intuitive Painting

Psycho-Creative Therapy

Short term therapy Dr. Feinstein developed and has used through the last 10 years with hundreds of his clients to help them overcome major diffculties and find their unique path of self-expression. 


The aim of Psycho-Creative Therapy  is to help people realize and learn how to utilize their natural forces while creatively processing the pain and frustration related to the problem.


Psycho-Creative Therapy is based on the understanding that people have tendency to get into a state of "addiction like" that forces them to stay stuck with their major difficulties. The therapeutic process gives the clients tools to realize this state as well as to end it.


More about Psycho-Creative Therapy

More about Psycho-Creative Therapy


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