All people are highly creative.

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Being a human being means being highly creative.

This is what we rely on, in Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting and this is what we prove, day by day, in Intuitive Painting.

Most people unfortunately have forgotten this nature of them, this special property that comes together with being a person. We're all highly creative yet given the wrong conditions and lack of support and nurturing system, this inborn quality is forgotten and even given false attitude like it is a rare gift exists only in few exceptional individuals.

When people come to Intuitive Painting first, they may not feel comfortable with this radical statement. They are usually heavily influenced by years of negative messages about their lack of talent and poor outcomes whenever tried to draw.

And this is one of our sweetest tasks, Intuitive Painting leaders, to take people on a journey where through the unique experience, practice and shedding of boundaries and fears they connect deeply to the Intuitive Painting way and find their own special, exciting and authentic creative language, that flows as easily as water in a river.


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