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Are you able to really BE in your business?

One of my clients, the CEO of an industrial company, asked me to help him in retrieving the work passion he used to have and now seems to be scarce.  Back then, when the company was in its early stages, he used to be more excited and energetic. His work was characterized by more creativity,…
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Transforming the Self-Critic into a Friend

One of the main roles of emotional transformation is to change the common and disturbing relationship people have with this "continuously dissatisfied" voice in their mind -- the self-critic. Real change and freedom from stubborn problems can never take place as long as this negative feedback keep on streaming inside, thereby limiting on'es flexibility, creativity…
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Focus on a trivial problem and insist on curing it!

Business transformation is aimed at providing the business owners the proper emotional-creative tools to lead the business toward a state of exciting and continuous growth. The central assumption is that a business, handled by the passionate and open minded owner/leader, should flourish in a natural way once the usual mental-operational obstacles are removed continuously. What…
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