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Exaggerated self-criticism blocks genuine spontaneous expression.

Get the feeling of a big Intuitive Painting workshop in the video below! In previous post we declared that all people are highly creative. Yet at the same time most people aren't aware for this important fact of life. This is because they are detached from their sources, are blinded about their true nature and…
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All people are highly creative.

Don't miss the exciting video below! Being a human being means being highly creative. This is what we rely on, in Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting and this is what we prove, day by day, in Intuitive Painting. Most people unfortunately have forgotten this nature of them, this special property that comes together with being…
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Self-Critic Buster: Preface

A Daily Devotional Series to Release the Self-Critic Within For years I have been privileged to pass the powerful healing energy that streams through my whole being and serves people as a platform to transform their lives into a happier, more creative and more meaningful one.  This energy was the basis for what later became…
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Self-Critic Buster 1: Welcome To the Self-Critic Buster!

Part 1: Learn About Your Self-Critic Hello, and welcome to the Self-Critic Buster program. This is an interactive process. In order for you to acquire the tools to break your self-critic's hold on you, I will frequently ask you to respond to me by writing your reaction to some prompts. This form of creative dialogue is the best…
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Self-Critic Buster 2:  The Self-Critic Hurts You

The most important thing for you to understand is the extent and severity of damage caused to you by your self-critic. The sooner you acknowledge this condition, the sooner you can start changing it. Before I begin to explain how the self-critic damages you, why don't you start to stretch your mind and look for…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 4: Get To Know the Real Facts

Your self-critic constantly whispers that you are not good enough to do certain things and that you will probably fail. When you do fail, it makes you feel terrible, and it tries to convince you to not bother trying again.  It may also suggest you go back and analyze every step you took in your…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 5: Guilty Feelings

Your self-critic is that part of you that generates all those painful feelings of guilt you may have once in a while. Pay attention during these moments to how you feel about yourself. Most of the time you will notice you find it pretty hard to "be yourself" when such a flood of negative (yet…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 6: Worries…

Your self-critic is busy coloring your present, as well as your future, in darker tones. It tries to explain these actions by saying that it will help you lower your expectations and prevent you from suffering any disappointments. Isn't this the nicest thing? After all, your self-critic helps you not to feel embarrassed or ashamed, isn't…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 7: Catch the Moment

Originally the self-critic was created with good intentions. It was meant to help you think clearly, to take on responsibility, to be mature and to better understand. However, some complex social and emotional forces have turned it into much more than what it was supposed to be, doing a lot more than we should have asked…
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