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Projective Identification in Intuitive Painting: The key to client’s heart

Projective Identification (PI) is a well-established and researched phenomenon in psychology, first presented as a part of object relation theory. In short, PI is a unique quick process in which one's unconscious disharmonies are projected to someone close to him (family, friend, therapist) in a way that the person whom the unsettled content was projected…
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Significant progress guaranteed

Watch some moments from big Intuitive Painting workshop below All people, with no exception, who go through a process of 10 or more of Dr. Feinstein's Intuitive Painting classes will make a personal progress that will take them to a new and better place in theirlives. In each class we cope with our tendency to…
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We never analyze the results of Intuitive Painting

Watch below some moments from Intuitive Painting leaders practicing  For Intuitive Painting to work well and to ensure a safe and flowing space in which spontaneous creativity can be induced and grow, we keep a strict rule of never analyzing or criticizing the results of works people do in our workshop. Many people, before experiencing…
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Emotions are fuel for spontaneous creativity

Watch a video of how Intuitive Painting works in 1st phase below This hypothesis stands behind all the work we do in Intuitive Painting and offers a deep explanation for the significant changes people go through following practicing Intuitive Painting. Intuitive Painting, as a rule, is a method that aimed at making transformation. Transformation means…
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People’s true story is fully told through Intuitive Painting

Pay attention to the video below to get the feeling  For the Intuitive Painting Leader, through the emotional-intellectual skills he develops during the training, people who participate in Intuitive Painting are in fact telling their full and uncensored story, while working with the colors, unaware about the process they go through, that allows them to…
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Emotional expression is limited when restricted to verbal outlet only.

Watch a special moment in Intuitive Painting below Most emotional expression we make is usually verbal, especially as we become adults. This is what we're educated and train to do -- to speak our mind, to share our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and ideas through words. This is what may make other people able to understand…
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Exaggerated self-criticism blocks genuine spontaneous expression.

Get the feeling of a big Intuitive Painting workshop in the video below! In previous post we declared that all people are highly creative. Yet at the same time most people aren't aware for this important fact of life. This is because they are detached from their sources, are blinded about their true nature and…
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All people are highly creative.

Don't miss the exciting video below! Being a human being means being highly creative. This is what we rely on, in Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting and this is what we prove, day by day, in Intuitive Painting. Most people unfortunately have forgotten this nature of them, this special property that comes together with being…
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Self-Critic Buster: Preface

A Daily Devotional Series to Release the Self-Critic Within For years I have been privileged to pass the powerful healing energy that streams through my whole being and serves people as a platform to transform their lives into a happier, more creative and more meaningful one.  This energy was the basis for what later became…
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Self-Critic Buster 1: Welcome To the Self-Critic Buster!

Part 1: Learn About Your Self-Critic Hello, and welcome to the Self-Critic Buster program. This is an interactive process. In order for you to acquire the tools to break your self-critic's hold on you, I will frequently ask you to respond to me by writing your reaction to some prompts. This form of creative dialogue is the best…
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