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Self-Critic Buster: Day 12:  Getting Out of Prison

What may be hard for you to even imagine is how much your life will change once this shift takes place. You may have some vague idea, but the image will remain obscure because this is how things work in our mind. Despite this, you can surely guess how it will feel once your self-critic loosens…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 13: High Expectations

I hope that now, as you wrote your sentences, you began to develop a better idea about what is waiting for you once you manage to complete this transformation. The higher your expectations are for this process, the stronger your motivation will be. When you finally understand that you are being held against your will, you…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 14: Some Surprise

Now I am going to do you a big (however strange) favor. I am going to send you, again, to the same exercise you have just done. Yes, you heard me right. I want you to come up with 12 more sentences that will definitely prepare you for your important historical decision. I would like…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 16: Getting Closer To the Historic Decision

Now you may be ready to start working on your historic decision. The historic decision is a part of the process toward change. Although it may seem like a momentary event, we are actually talking about repeatedly creating a new state of mind. We are talking about a gradual process in which your decision is getting…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 17: Addiction?

Freeing ourselves of the excess influence of the self-critic is not easy for most people. In many ways, this process is identical to trying to quit a serious addiction. Are you ready to treat this condition of yours as if it was an addiction? Are you open minded for this option? The old habits, despite our…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 18: Change the Paradigm

The worst thing about the self-critic is that it appears to be "right." The addiction is manifested by the fact that we are often convinced that its harsh words are appropriate, and that we really deserve to be condemned, punished or supposedly corrected for our errors. Have you noticed this phenomenon? Furthermore, when other people behave just the…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 20: Ping-Pong

This back-and-forth "Ping-Pong" type of experience you have here is vital for the new information to sink in the right way. Many of the exercises are meant to gradually diminish the expected resistance to change. All you need to do is to follow the program and this back and forth pattern will do the work for…
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Self-Critic Buster: Day 21: Part 2 Recap: Ending and Reminding

  Sometimes your real historic decision will be made in the basement of your soul. You will not be mentally notified, and you will not be fully aware that it has already taken place. This the way transformations begin -- slowly and secretly. What you will sense in time is that a new kind of motivation…
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