Intuition:: The Science of People

Nowadays, science is quite a niche. Very exclusive one. Most things scientists write or say are not comprehensive to majority of people. Usually only a scientist can really understand other scientist. Other people may feel inferior to scientists while not able to question their claims or have a fruitful dialogue with them. And this, in general,…
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Intuition will Fluorish when you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Much of our western life style is associated with the things we do. We value ourselves as well as others especially by the deeds and achievements we (or they) have managed to accomplish. Many times we're even stressed by the fact that we may have not done enough, recently. We may ask ourselves -- "Is it a…
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Intuition will Never Lose Hope on You

Being more intuitive is something one should learn, explore, practice and improve with time. Most people are not aware of the fact that intuition is not just a sudden and unexpected inspiration but a huge, organized and well-structured set of information that is available all time for those who know how to access it. Moreover,…
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No Risk No Intuition

Intuition is not just a new or surprising information. In fact, at its core, intuition is a call for action. But not just an action... a scary one! This is how it works: Intuition represents things we know inside us yet are not ready to get it validated or totally understandable. It is a way of…
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The Need for Proof: A Major Intuition Block

Hundreds of years ago, when the dark ages ruled Europe and the western society, people weren't allowed for free thinking. Science and all forms of exploring nature or questioning old ideas were prohibited. All knowledge was supplied by the church that its main goal was to keep people as ignorant and as under developed as…
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Intuition and Happiness: The secret pair

Tightly related, although many times not recognized as such, happiness and intuition feed each other, depend on each other, nurture each other and even block each other when one of them is down.  Happiness is not an easy state to define precisely yet we can somehow agree that when this word is mentioned and when…
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Intuition: Always in Your Better Way

Due to misunderstandings and ignorance, some people come to misjudge the validity and precision of intuition. They claim, in various ways, that not always following intuition proves to be the proper decision as it may lead, so they say, to some wrong decisions, to hasty conclusions and to poorly reasonable choices. And this, they believe, can…
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The Science of Intuition: The Hidden Knowledge to be Found Inside Man

Most science we know today is based on various methods of observation, measuring and analyzing what exists around us. Even when we explore the human brain we try to do it through sophisticated techniques that allow us to take a glimpse on some other people's nervous system. Still, all things we try to find more…
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Why Neuroscience won’t investigate intuition?

Simply, because it cannot do so.  Science, as we know it today, is trying to take a look, from the outside, into various phenomena through its own measuring and calculating tools. The researcher is well trained to remain as detached as possible, emotionally, from the research process in order to maintain "objectivity" as much as…
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