Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting: The Safe Path to the Truth

In the world we live in there is no way one can always communicate her truth. Furthermore, many "forbidden" fantasies and impulses must many times remain hidden or denied becaue they threaten what we conieve as the proper way to behave, talk, share etc. Yet keeping big parts of the truth silent has its price.…
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Verbal Emotional Expression: Only a Partial Outlet

Many times people claim that it is pretty hard to understand emotions, either their own or others'. The reason for this is pretty simple. Emotions, are basically foreign to logical thinking and vice versa. Humans, by nature, are curious and try to understand everything they need to deal with. This is our habit: to rely…
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The Inevitable Tension Due to Lack of Emotional-Creative-Flow

Emotions contain significant and easy to trace emotional energy. It is clear that while we are angry our body goes through some changes. When we sad it feels as though a big rock is sitting on our chest. When we are jealous we feel as though we" must" grab to our posession what other people…
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Over Active Self-Critic Aborts Emotional-Creative Flow

Emotional-Creative Flow (ECF) is a dynamic state in which feelings and emotions are turned into spontaneous creative expression, therby transforming the mental energy stored in emotions into free creative force.     This unique state is usually referred to art work and artists yet years of working with Intuitive Painting and has led to the…
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