Intuitive Painting

The Inevitable Tension Due to Lack of Emotional-Creative-Flow

Emotions contain significant and easy to trace emotional energy. It is clear that while we are angry our body goes through some changes. When we sad it feels as though a big rock is sitting on our chest. When we are jealous we feel as though we" must" grab to our posession what other people…
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Over Active Self-Critic Aborts Emotional-Creative Flow

Emotional-Creative Flow (ECF) is a dynamic state in which feelings and emotions are turned into spontaneous creative expression, therby transforming the mental energy stored in emotions into free creative force.     This unique state is usually referred to art work and artists yet years of working with Intuitive Painting and has led to the…
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Intuitive Painting Leadership means Passion

For us, in Intuitive Painting, the word "passion" serves as a very important "code" that guides the way we lead people to their emotional-creative freedom. The most interesting part of this is the way we manage to "bring the passion" to our Intuitive Painting Leadership in every session through the process.  The western culture in…
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Shrinking the Self-Critic’s Influence

Intuitive Painting was primarily created for one particular reason: to help reducing the self-critic's negative influence on the creative and spontaneous parts of the mind. The more people practice Intuitive Painting the further they manage to set themselves free from this part in their personality. Intuitive Painting Leaders go through a deep process that forces…
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The safe space for Intuitive Painting

Emotional-creative expression is the heart of Intuitive Painting. Our goal is to make sure people "talk" their emotions, all of them, through their spontaneous creative flow. For this to happen, people must feel that the environment in which they work in is safe and appropriate for this kind of adventure.  Intuitive Painting Leaders learn how…
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Connecting with Intuition

Intuitive Painting Leaders are trained to connect with their intuiton easily and freely. In fact, all people can connect with their intuition more than they usually appreciate, yet they are not raised and educated in a way that will support the manifestation of this natural human ability. During this "awakening to intuition" process, the students…
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How Intuitive Painting “Weakens” the Self-Critic

When Dr. Feinstein first developed the Intuitive Painting practice, he did it for himself following the understanding about his need to restrain his own self-critic influence on him. Dr. Feinstein realized, back then on 1998, that much of his creative abilities will never have a chance to manifest as long as his self-critic keeps on functioning…
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Intuitive Painting: A “Sane” way to get…”Insane”

One of the most terrifying scenario one can think about, that represent a universal "horror dream" is becoming "crazy." Aren't we all intimidated by the option of losing our mind, losing our breaks and our means of control over our lives?        How much energy do we spend to stay "normal" and keep…
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