Right Brain’s Way

Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 1: See for yourself

Problems may be the most energy-consuming phenomena that affect people's lives. A typical individual or organization spends almost every moment of their existence trying to cope with what are perceived as "problems." People talk about their problems, pay money for quick fixes or treatments for their problems, make choices according to their problems and avoid…
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Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 2: From resistance to an opportunity

You may not like the following idea. In fact, very few really like this idea. The reactions range from anger to avoidance, from ignoring to claiming that it is pure nonsense. Some people, however, will try to do something useful with this information and, in doing so, may completely alter the course of their life.…
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Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 4: Normal Right-Brain emotional processing

The Bible begins with a pretty bleak picture. God's spirit was flowing amongst the chaos of darkness and nothingness. Seeing how he was all alone (and probably bored) in all this endless space, god decided, according to this story, to bring life into being and gradually all life forms were created. In order for a…
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