Right Brain’s Way

Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 15: Right-Brain’s tools to deal with pain

The situation can be simplified for the purpose of explanation, yet in real life things are, of course, a bit more complicated. Nevertheless, one should realize how this unpredictable system of human feelings and emotions can be given the best platform to produce its optimal achievements. For this I will start with a simple, straightforward…
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Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 16: The feminine aspects

In order for you to get the maximum set of tools to make this problem a minor or nonexistent issue in your life, you need to learn some more facts about how your Right-Brain works. Now that you have read all of the information so far, we can begin to discuss some of the other…
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Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 17: Relationship with the Left-Brain

Pay attention: this section contains, like in other places throughout the book, some information that had already been presented earlier. This is done for the sake of better explaining and reinforcing the subject matter. As far as the Left-Right Brain interplay, the Left Brain may automatically notice the familiar text and will question its contribution.…
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Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 21: Self-critic out; self-love in

Self-critic out; self-love in Before we get into the essence of this section, which is going to assist you to make my recommendations a part of your routine, let us summarize what tools we have got so far to stop the addiction to problems. The first 6 chapters of this journey explored many features of…
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