Connecting with Intuition

Intuitive Painting Leaders are trained to connect with their intuiton easily and freely.

In fact, all people can connect with their intuition more than they usually appreciate, yet they are not raised and educated in a way that will support the manifestation of this natural human ability.

During this "awakening to intuition" process, the students practice tools that guide their mind into a new mode of thinking that in time proves to be reliable, accurate and most helpful in their work. They learn to trust their passion, imagination, "crazy ideas" and insights. They learn how to "capture" intuitive thoughts faster and how to incorporate them to the work they do with their groups.

Connecting better with the intuition is a most exciting process. Once Intuitive Painting Leaders become familiar with this part of their mind, they can then implement it in other arenas in their life, and this is exactly what we expect them to do.

After due training and experience, we learn how to trust our intuition more, how to becomes "friends" with it and how to honor its precision. Intuition never wrong. it's just us, people, who fail to connect with it due to our fears who create doubt around this special asset we have inside. Intuitive Painting Leaders are there to inspire as many people as possible to change their conception about intuition and to connect with it through the playful and creative path of Intuitive Painting.  

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