Intuitive Therapy

Intuitive Therapy is quite similar to other psychotherapeutic practices.
We deal with all major emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting etc. and aim at growing the client's ability to cope better with her challenges.

The major difference between Intuitive Therapy and other therapies is the magnitude of using intuitive knowledge coming through the therapist and its implementation in diagnosis and the healing process. 

Each session is one hour long and composed of open discussion and intuitive writing exercises that help disclosing important information and at the same time facilitating the client's ability to understand herself and find new creative ways to get better.

The process takes about 10-20 sessions for a major change to take place.

The meetings are online, flexible hours. 

$250 per meeting.
$2250 for a package of 10 meetings.

Contact Dr. Pinkie Feinstein's office for more information.


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