Destroy in order to assemble and transform

A very common and important tool in Intuitive Painting is the act of temporary "destroying" the participant's work.

While the word "destroy" may associate with negative action and unwanted outcome, especially when we relate to someone's personal creation, in the intuitive painting process it serves as a wonderful gate for safe release of uneasy feelings and their creative transformation.

The use we make in this maneuver is always a part of an extensive exercise, that swings between moments of more oriented work guided by a specific assignment and moments in which we ask the participant to quickly and forcefully "destroy" through coloring the whole page with a new color thereby by eliminating the previous work.
After this we return to the more relaxed, focused and "responsible" work of rebuilding something new out of the "ruins" of previous work and so forth.

This back and forth "building and destructing" work usually results in a sense of uninterrupted emotional-creative flow. It appears as nothing is really "broken" after all this turmoil. In fact, the exact opposite happens. Complex, negative and even repulsive feelings get, through this process, a route for continuous expression that lacks stops, hesitation or self-judgment.

The probable unconscious process we witness here may appears to serve as a vehicle to assemble emotional fragments and put them together, without the need to make any discussion about it, into a transformative and enjoyable experience.


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