Dr. Pinki Feinstein

Dr. Pinki Feinstein is a Psychiatrist and the head of KALUT center in Tel-Aviv Israel. He is the author of books focused on empowering people's self-healing powers.

Dr Feinstein has developed the Intuitive Painting method and is a pioneer in implementing this practice in large groups and various conditions like cancer, depression, anxiety etc.

To date, Dr Feinstein runs the only center in the world who trains Intuitive Painting instructors.

Born in Israel, Dr. Feinstein was educated in Tel Aviv University where he got the MD diploma. He attended residency in Nes-Ziona Mental Health center where he was certified as psychiatrist. He is currently leading KALUT center in Tel Aviv where he teaches his method and engages in private counseling.

Curriculum vita

Untitled from Pinki Feinstein on Vimeo.



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