Dr. Pinkie Feinstein

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, the developer of the Intuitive Painting method, is a psychiatrist that has realized that true change can come only if we connect emotional expression with free creative flow. He also found out that the main block people have from making this natural connection is their over active self-critic. 

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So he decided to create a system that will minimize the self-critic's involvement during spontaneous creative experience. And this is when Intuitive Painting came to life (1998).

After leading many Intuitive Painting groups, Dr. Feinstein gathered all the tools and information and built the Intuitive Painting Leadership Program.

Since then (2004), hundreds of Intuitive Painting Leaders were trained and qualified to hand this exciting gift to other people.

Dr. Feinstein believes that healing begins where we stop thinking too much and instead connect to our passion to create and change. This is what Intuitive Painting inspires and this is the goal of our work here.


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