Emotional expression is limited when restricted to verbal outlet only.

Watch a special moment in Intuitive Painting below

Most emotional expression we make is usually verbal, especially as we become adults. This is what we're educated and train to do -- to speak our mind, to share our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and ideas through words. This is what may make other people able to understand us and to communicate with us.

In fact, this is the way we try to force our right brain content to be channeled through left brain's tools. And this is exactly what makes this common way limited, constricted and so many times -- misleading. Much of what we feel will not follow the verbal route and will remain behind scenes, buried in the subconscious, unable to express itself properly.

This fact makes us all relatively cripple. We try to use logical mechanisms when asking to express illogical, emotional themes. This mismatch will ever remain only partially successful and we will continue paying the price for this in various emotional as well as physical disharmonies and pain.

Intuitive Painting can make the difference in this sense and allow a safe, easy and direct connection between hidden non-verbalized contents and the working paper/canvas. This is why people feel so relieved and free following Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting experience. And the greater thing is they don't need to know or to think about what they got out of their heart. The flow is on, and this is the only important news. 

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