Emotional Transformation App.

Using the experience and knowledge based on the Psycho-Creative theory and practice, Dr. Feinstein created an application that serves as a platform for immediate buffering and better control over emotional turmoil and day to day stress and difficulties.

Through a daily  6 minutes practice of the Emotional Transformation App, people manage to re-evaluate their worries and to handle them from a less anxious state of mind. States of anger, friction, conflict and dispute are processed, through the work with the App to a level in which a more creative and smooth reaction will be available and optional.

"I have been using this app for several months, and have experienced many many relieving moments as well as insightful revelations about myself, that all add up to unqualified satisfaction from the app. If I could, I would have awarded it more than 5 stars. The interface is unique, in that it requires reading each page out to myself, before continuing. Certain pages also require completing sentences before continuing. It can be used by one person, alone. And if you can find a telephone buddy to read the quaetions to, and after completing a module, reverse roles, the benefit witll be greatly increased. I strongly recommend not doing more thast one."

The Emotional Transformation App serves both as a personal tool to improve mental quality of life as well as an aid to improve psychotherapy, coaching, mentoring etc.

The work with the App contains five steps:

Better Observing: How to improve our ability to observe a problem with no judgment, prejudice or rash to do something.

Less Self-Criticism: How to lower the impact of the inner critic that ususally intensifies problems and minimizes our ability to address conflicts creatively.

More Self-Love: How to intensify the sense of self-liking, self-compassion and self-support in general and when dealing with a problem.

Nurture Passion for Change and Creation: How to grow a healthy and powerful passion that will leverage the energy of a problem into a desire for change and creative involvement.

Implementation: How to move to a practical action that manifests the transformation of the negative emotions into activity that leads to change.

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