Emotional Transformation App


The Emotional Transformation App is a self-help tool created after many years of research and exploring humans innate ability to cope with challenging situation in a creative and productive way.

The term "emotional transformation" is based on the assumption that was validated by repetitive observations , that human emotions are in fact a kind of "raw creative material" that its primary and healthy "goal" is to induce change, growth and creative expression.

Yet, once emotional load is blocked from fulfilling its original "duty" it accumulates as a kind of "boiling energy" that instead of working FOR us, becomes a disturbing agent that forces us to continuosly trying to control it somehow. This way, one of our most precious assets, our dinamic and most energetic emotions work, in fact AGAINST us, waste our energy and deviate us from our healthier and more productive path.

The Emotional Transformation App is made of five steps, each made for daily practice in an orderly maner (Step one on Monday, Step two Tuesday etc.). Each practice is made of dialogue (chat) that takes about 6-8 minutes only. Once the work is done in a continuous way, day after day, changes of many kinds are noticed, all result from re-directing the emotional power to its better and healthier course -- that is -- to push for positive changes and a more creative state of mind.

In many ways, one can appreciate the Emotional Transformation App's role as a tool designed to help people shift from FIGHTING their problems (made of stuck emotional energy) to a state where theyare  WORKING with their problems (by extracting the same stuck energy and recruiting it for growth purposes.

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