Emotions are fuel for spontaneous creativity

Watch a video of how Intuitive Painting works in 1st phase below

This hypothesis stands behind all the work we do in Intuitive Painting and offers a deep explanation for the significant changes people go through following practicing Intuitive Painting.

Intuitive Painting, as a rule, is a method that aimed at making transformation. Transformation means changing shape for a good purpose. Working with Intuitive Painting the way do here, in Dr Pinki Feinstein's way, assists in transforming the energy that comes with emotions into creative expression.

And this is why the issue of "having or not having a talent" has no relevance here. All people have emotions and are heavily influenced by them. Once we manage to move emotions into colorful creative work no talent in drawing is required for a deep and exciting creation to be made. Sometimes it is quite the contrary.

Emotions are derived from right brain, in which its language is more a creative and changing than left brain's logical and orderly verbal language. What we do in Intuitive Painting is simply allowing emotions to speak their energy through the channels that suit them more, in which no explanation, analyzing or criticizing is involved.

All that left is to imagine what happens' inside our mind, in case this hypothesis is right. If so, most people are trapped with emotional tension that normally doesn't get to make its healthy creative work and processing properly. Will this explain the vast numbers of depression, anxiety etc.?

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