Exaggerated self-criticism blocks genuine spontaneous expression.

Get the feeling of a big Intuitive Painting workshop in the video below!

In previous post we declared that all people are highly creative.

Yet at the same time most people aren't aware for this important fact of life. This is because they are detached from their sources, are blinded about their true nature and are captured in a very convincing illusion of being not able, not talented, not special etc.

The main responsible for this sad condition, that affects people from young to old days, without they even know about it, is the exaggerated self-criticism we all possess, as a part of our human personality. Intuitive Painting's aim is to lower this self-critic's negative influence through special exercises and manipulations that overcome the boundaries set by our own mind.

Exaggerated self-criticism deludes us to feel that we are not that good, that trying to create does not worth the effort, that we have no talent, ability or speciallness. These false statements affect us to a level in which we really believe our self-critic and treat ourselves as smaller and lower than we truly are. Luckily, methods like Intuitive Painting overrule this negative state of mind and re-connect people to their real creative nature.


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