How Intuitive Painting “Weakens” the Self-Critic

When Dr. Feinstein first developed the Intuitive Painting practice, he did it for himself following the understanding about his need to restrain his own self-critic influence on him. Dr. Feinstein realized, back then on 1998, that much of his creative abilities will never have a chance to manifest as long as his self-critic keeps on functioning the way it did.

So the sole purpose of designing that method, that later has served thousands of people in bringing joy and relief to their lives, was to change a long standing imbalance between the natural authentic creative impulses and their "devoted guardian," the self-critic.

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Intuitive Painting begins with the understanding that we all possess tremendous creative talents that are poorly expressed due to various self-critic as well as self-judgment influences. So in order for us to let these blessed treasures born and grow all we need to do is to...stop interrupting them!

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How it works. Intuitive Painting is based on several principles and exercises that divert the attention from "criticizing the results" to "monitoring the process." In fact, we are kind of "fooling our minds" while giving the self-critic "new roles" that "keeps him busy" while our hands practice the free, spontaneous and emotional work with the colors.

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Added to these are the special intuitive instructions coming from the trained leader during session. These assignments further shift the participant's attention to new and fascinating "landscapes" that make her spend some reasonable time exploring places in her mind where self-criticism or judgment cannot enter.

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The more this practice repeats itself and progresses, the participant gets used to working and creating with less involvement of the self-critic. This cultural habit, of too much planning, thinking, hesitating and being careful while coping with a task has made us a kind of "frightened robots" that has forgotten their brilliant creative sources. Intuitive Painting, in this sense, takes us "home."

In the long run, our goal is not to "defeat" the self-critic but to transform it into a more helpful, supportive and cooperative part of the personality. We do need our self-critic working for us, but not in a way that stands between us and...Ourselves!

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