How to Become a Creative Lover: Chapter 10: Sigmund was a serious guy

Sigmund Freud was a very serious guy, or as serious as he needed to be to remain trusted and respected by his peers. Some say he had a kind of obsessive nature. Looking at his pictures and reading his books reveals a probably stormy mind inside a respectable and honorable scientific persona. He dealt with the silent sexual desires of people as if he was a well-focused surgeon who kept his gaze fixed on the operating table, despite all the drama and danger involved in such a procedure.

Freud made an unconscious decision to penetrate as deeply as possible into the juicy secrets of the animated roots of man. It was there, in the underground mines of the mind, where he found what turned out to become the most valuable treasures for the field of psychology and many other disciplines that are strongly influenced by it.

Freud "fell in love" with the provocative sexual concept he conceptualized. He unleashed an unstoppable chain of thought that understands the human soul as one that is possessed by impossible sexual desires (like the fantasy to have sex with your mother, for example).

Freud was a scientist by nature. His relentless curiosity and passion were the forces behind the creation of many new ideas, which were fused into a comprehensive theory that could explain the complex phenomena he was facing in his clinic. He formulated a brilliant technique, the most penetrating in the field of psychology, called psychoanalysis.

Given the depth of its "digging" into the clients' mind, it was clearly established that the therapist should stay remote and uninvolved in the stormy transformations and extensive expression reached during sessions. As I said, Freud was basically a scientist. Freud was busy thinking, and he taught many later generations how to think as clearly and detached as possible, in order not to put the therapist (as a kind of scientist) in a place where he could disturb the "penetrating process.”

In this sense, Freud was no different from most of his colleagues back then, and for many generations to come. The general concept of "reasonable thinking" while you investigate and work has stayed put as a major building block in many disciplines, up to the present.

In fact, I wonder if you, especially as a man, get the connection I am trying to make. It is mainly a masculine tendency to conceptualize everything in a way that puts things into precise "boxes" where "reasonable thought" can explain almost every phenomenon, and when it is not so neatly categorized we prefer to ignore the facts, or at least wait until someone can explain to us what is going on, in clear and comprehensive words.

For me, as an "explorer" who came around a bit later than the founder of the modern psychology, other issues raise serious new questions regarding human nature as it is related to our urges and their manifestations in what we perceive as "normal reality.” When I address the issue of Freud being a "serious guy,” I want to lead to a central idea that may assist you, as a man, to bridge your core sexuality to your authentic creativity. Following this discussion, I will ask you, as well, to consider the following paradigm.

Sometimes the only way to really understand something in the deepest manner possible is by not being so serious about it. Pay attention: I am serious about my request to be less serious! I am just saying that if you really want to progress beyond what you already know, you need to adopt what can be perceived, at first glance, as strange, childish or even amateur behavior.

You have to let go, for a while, of that precise and reasonable way you have of explaining everything in your life. The reason is simple yet ambiguous: somewhere inside you a mixture of sexual and creative knowledge is flowing in channels that your Left-Brain cannot decode, and will not decode in the future, unless you manage to deal with important issues in an "unserious" way.

Have you ever tried to dance seriously?

Have you ever tried to laugh seriously?

Have you ever tried to have great sex seriously?

Of course not! Have you realized, while doing these and other things, that at times it seems like your body "knows its way around" all by itself? Have you ever noticed that in certain situations some kind of "automatic" movements or gestures just happen to be expressed, especially when you free yourself from trying to "understand what you are supposed to do"?

Have you ever considered that in these moments you are actually letting a kind of inherent "knowledge" take charge of your experience?

In these sometimes rare moments, you can sense, even for an instant, the tight link between your innate sexual spirit and your creative built-in "program.” I believe Freud was not ready to be advised by his own unconscious sexual-creative inherent dance, but I believe that today we can look at our psychological build a bit differently, because we now understand that there is more out there, beyond what our Left-Brain is constantly showing us.

Freud believed that people are heavily influenced by their sexual and aggressive innate drives, which they try, all their lives, to suppress as much as possible, due to its inappropriateness within society's norms. Freud's breakthrough view lead to an entire state of mind that interprets the drama of dealing with these drives as the most powerful scene in the human emotional world.

What was hard to measure or observe back then (and even nowadays), is that beyond the well-documented biological, animalistic, sexual and aggressive drives, other basic forces also stem from the human's basic core and influence people's behavior and destiny, not less than what has already been known to do so.

I believe that the concepts I will present to you in the next section will help you take some additional steps towards "conquering" your natural and powerful "sexual-creativity.” I would like to offer you a rather easy and practical approach that presents you, as a man and a sophisticated creature by nature, with a clear potential to get to the bottom of your passions and to make the best of them.

First, I will ask for you to do me a little favor. As you read my following words, I urge you to try to not be as "serious.” Really, this is a serious request, because I know that sometimes it is not so easy to do. However, I trust that you can, because otherwise you would have never picked up a book with such a title, right?

So let us go one step further towards the intriguing human "temple" of real and updated desires, shall we?


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