How to Become a Creative Lover: Chapter 2: Beyond big boobs and nice bottoms

There is no force in the world that will change this situation, yet many times, "distinguished" and "honorable" men will act as if this fact has nothing to do with the way their own sexual mind works. Being a man means being heavily influenced by what we perceive as "sexy women" or even just "parts" of a sexy woman's body. In all actuality, we may have no real interest in these women, whom we will never get to truly know or even have a discussion with. We are simply stimulated and "pushed" to a temporary space in our fantasies, where we immediately imagine the wildest and most passionate sex. The impact of this experience can be incredibly strong and stimulating, yet at the same time we are supposed to act normal and wait for the "real sex" to occur at the proper time and place. How do women, who do their best to be attractive, complain about men who stare at them, almost drooling? Don’t they know the kind of reaction we go through in these moments? They probably don’t.

What they fail to realize is that for us men, viewing deep big breast cleavage "staring" at our face creates an immediate hormonal rush. It is as if we "have to" and that this is "our duty" (for the sake of "mankind’s continuity") to immediately rip their clothes off and to penetrate their bodies. Yet, we do not do that because we are civilized, restrained and polite. We even try to behave as if we don't see these women who do all they can to keep our attention on their juicy feminine form.

Now, you may keep on trying to avoid these events, but you will fail. You may try to deny your basic wild manhood and end up finding your "solutions" later. Yet your problem will remain and your fantasies will keep on driving you crazy, while nobody around you will notice.

The "big boobs and nice bottoms" we keep on seeing every day preserve the sensation of an "immediate" or "urgent" need for sex. It gets stuck in our fantasy, waiting for some discharge or release. This is why I couldn't give a massage to my aching wife when all she needed was just a few minutes of extra attention. I was anxiously waiting to meet her boobs and bottom, and my fantasies were much stronger than my judgment or ability to create even a minimal strategy for having the sex I wanted after the massage.

This is no simple issue, despite the fact that it is heavily discussed. Men are expected to behave like men—to sometimes act as wild savages and have their clear masculine share in sex. All the temptation we have around us stimulate that part and create an impossible situation where you must act as civilized, while at the same time you are seriously provoked.

But we will prevail! We can go back to our battle camps and start creating a whole new strategy that will help us deal better with these beautiful intruders. The strategy is based on finding ways to handle our strong fantasies in a better way. We will never be able to ignore them or to suppress them effectively, but we will be able to transform that hormonal rush into a creative energy that will even serve our broader needs and goals as individuals.

All you need to learn is how to shift that energy. The boobs and bottoms around you create a magnificent energy inside you, an energy you can utilize for creation, growth and tremendous change in your life. It may take you a while to acquire these tools, but just imagine this for now: You will not need to deny your basic wild arousal (that most of the time has no real outlet for satisfaction). You will be able to leverage it as your "secret weapon" and make it useful for your particular field of interest.

Have you ever imagined that your sexuality could actually improve your business performance, for example? Are you aware of the great power you will possess once you learn how to shift?

Some men seek ways to make more money. Others strive for a promotion to achieve a higher position in their companies. At the same time, we want to be great fathers, perfect partners and to fulfill our creative goals. We have so many impressive masculine wishes and desires, yet sometimes it seems like something is missing there, something that will make the goals reachable, something that will give us the right energy and the proper creativity to make things different and special.

And this missing element is right there, staring at you and teasing you.

Haven't you noticed? Haven't you realized the basic difference between the primates and you? Well, nobody teaches us to think this way, so how can we know? All we know is that we should "sublimate" our urges and that we must postpone our satisfaction, until the right place and the right time.

So here is a new deal for you. Here is a new mission, a new target, a fresh goal that from now on I advise you to pursue continuously, until you get it. You must go through a process in order to achieve the essence of this promise, but I assure you—it is there and it is yours, for free. These "big boobs and nice bottoms" are actually great reminders of a sort of "secret creative energy" we all possess since birth. This feeling you may have or this fantasy you may sense once in a while looks purely sexual in nature.

Yet, I urge you to take my word: it is not! It is merely a powerful creative energy that, due to its sore neglect, can be felt only through strong sexual stimulation. Can you imagine this possibility? Can you sense the grand potential I am offering you? Are you aware of the vast creative power you can have once you just redirect the "channels" to their right outlet?

Just keep an open mindset. That's all that is being asked of you right now. Give this idea a fair chance, as if you are facing an interesting theory that hasn't been totally proven yet. For many eastern traditions and philosophies, this idea may not sound strange. For the modern western guy, it will usually sound bizarre and groundless. Yet, it works.

Coming from eastern philosophies and ancient practices, there is a concept called Kundalini that represents the sexual energy and can be utilized for creative purposes. In a way, what I am about to teach you is a method to combine traditional knowledge with contemporary aspirations.

As a man, you are more prone to think in terms of "effectiveness" and "usefulness.” I would also add ”efficiency” to this list. Our increasing ecological interest in recycling and reusing is indicative of how we would rather not waste energy.

Let me offer you a route to become more "effective" in sex. Once you combine sexuality and creativity, this precious Kundalini energy makes your sex become more passionate and powerful. I would also hand you tools to become more "useful" in terms of the part you play in sexual action. The further you take this combination, the more intense your experience and the more you get involved, emotionally, in the process.

What can be particularly interesting is the phenomenon of "recycling" that occurs once you become sexual-creative connected. Both creativity and sexuality possess remarkable mental energy that combines emotions, urges, passion and desire. As long as your creativity is stuck and your sexual experience subpar, this mental energy is wasted. Once you learn how to "swing" between the two and let them "communicate,” you allow both of them to grow and to enhance each other.

In measuring the "economics" of both the creative and sexual "factories,” you may realize that a merger would create a new "industry" that will provide what each of them, separately, could have only dreamt about, but would have never achieved. The reason for this is clear—there are things that must work together, otherwise nothing really happens. We have sex with a partner, and the same goes for creativity and sexuality—they need to connect in order to reach the skies.


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