How to Become a Creative Lover: Chapter 5: How deep do you really penetrate?

Only men can perceive that tremendous sensation in the first seconds of entering another person's body, while of course that other person has the equally powerful feeling of being entered. We are talking about a very intimate event that no words can describe. In a way, it is like a feeling of "coming home,” which just may be the reason why we call it “coming” when we reach orgasm. For me, a sense of relief mixed with joy, anticipation, excitement and an urge for more follows these precious moments. Once you are already there, they later change into a different kind of experience.

In these short moments, deep down we enjoy a temporary sense of achievement that we have finally made it here, to this special place. We managed to overcome all possible obstacles and get inside, where we would so much like to return. We have fulfilled our sexual manhood, and we feel good about that.

Let's pause at this "historic" moment, let's freeze this situation for a while and take a broader look at the general life symbols that this situation can represent and can serve as a potential template for self-growth and creative revelation. Let's check our penetration quality, in general, as a pure masculine asset that many times is poorly appreciated beyond its sexual relevance.

It is worthwhile to first mention, though, what we prefer not to talk about ― those occasions when, despite all the right conditions, we don't manage to penetrate and we stay outside. Our "penetrating tool" doesn't function right; it loses its hardness and fails to accomplish its "duty.”

This awkward scene can happen to any man, from young to the old, from the very healthy to the reproductively ill man. There are times when it is "hard to get hard" and when penetration becomes impossible. Many factors can contribute to this undesired incident, so it is vital for you to try to not get upset or frustrated with yourself. You may want to interpret this phenomenon as a sign from your body about something you would otherwise not have noticed. As I will show soon, sometimes your flaccid penis can be a firm guide into self-healing and self-improvement, more than anything else.

So let's stay at this brief moment of penetration, while we keep in mind that despite our masculine pride, things can (and even should) go "wrong,” sometimes. The more you adopt a sexual-creative approach, you will manage to take the birds' eye view of your penetration states and use them as a vehicle to give broader attention to your life in general.

As men, we have the basic urge to penetrate, to go further, to overcome obstacles, to break walls and to find what was hidden there all the time. In many ways, penetration is the basic "calling" of men. We are supposed to enter new places and look for new horizons. From a historic point of view, one can compare this masculine role to the ancient man who had to dig out a new cave for his family after a problem surfaced with the current home. He would go out, braving any weather condition or danger and break down new walls in order to make sure his family was sheltered again. His wife then turned her attention to making the interior of the new cave function as a home, and he was sent out again on other "penetrating" assignments.

Back to our modern perspective, a man must ask himself about his penetrating abilities and performances in general, as way to evaluate his masculine fulfillment. There are endless ways to manifest this powerful force, from the more subtle and minor ones to the dramatic and loud ones. Nevertheless, when we keep on freezing this fantastic moment of penetrating (acknowledging that we may not always make it happen), we men may ask ourselves: "When and how have I penetrated new territories in my life lately? Am I stuck in the same habits and same arrangements and find myself afraid of searching for new lands to conquer?"

Believe it or not, a penetrating passion is there "in your bones" every single moment, even if you may not feel the need to constantly express it. Yet, you must realize that deep sexual satisfaction from penetrating is tightly related to your general performance as a "penetrator" in a broader sense.

In a psychological way, we may address the moment of penetration as a reminder to follow your basic masculine role. As long as your penetrating abilities are not sufficiently recognized and are denied, misunderstood or blocked, your sexual experience will have to go through a general emotional detachment. Your soft refusing penis may even give you this reminder that something is not working right.

You may (and in my opinion, should) stop to ask yourself, "Am I paying attention to this aspect of my being? Am I the 'penetrator' I am supposed to be?"

Be a man and take care of your penetration forces, otherwise you could miss so many good opportunities, both within the sexual arena and in wider aspects of your self-fulfillment. You might look for good advice on problematic issues in your life, but as long as you cannot resolve this basic masculine issue, nothing will really work. You are the man; it is your basic role to penetrate as deeply as possible.

Our task at hand is to go from our erection to our creation. Remember this metaphor of your penis as a powerful symbol for the painter's brush. In other words, the fact that you possess this tool means you should let it lead you to your creative outlet. Your penetration should follow what usually excites your penis—passion.

There is always some creative passion that you can follow, explore deeply ("penetrate") and by doing so improve other areas in your life. As a man, you have no other choice than to go through this sometimes intimidating experience of penetrating and breaking a wall of resistance. Your role is to search for some passion, something new you would like to do or some improvements you would like to make, and to find the right excavating tools to penetrate your way into that passion as soon as possible.

Penetrate with the same force and passion that you penetrate a welcoming vagina. Make sure you are not afraid to push yourself into an unknown space, because soon enough, like in sex, you will start finding your way around, you will feel at home, and you will know you have won a purely masculine win. Could there be a sweeter feeling for us, ever?

So ask yourself, how deep do you really penetrate in your life? How far and how strongly do you "push" whenever the situation calls on you to do so? Being and becoming the most powerful man doesn’t have much to do with enormous muscles. The big question is whether your male spirit is expressed well enough in those moments where the situation calls on you to "get inside," to "push" and to "penetrate." In many ways, "being a real man" is simply "using the penetrating energy you were given." Great leaders may have small bodies and unimpressive looks, but their magical way of penetrating walls is what makes them so impressive, strong and followed by thousands.

As a kind of reminder, nature has clearly shown you how vital and basic it is for a man to do this act. The penetrating abilities are very well represented in your sexual moments and there, most of the time you simply follow your biological role. However, when you manage to activate this penetrating property in your general nonsexual life activities, it will also reinforce your customary penetrating sexual experience and both will feed into each other in a cyclical way.

However, if your life lacks this basic masculine aspect, then many unwanted events, from a shallow sexual experience to emotional disturbances (to be discussed later) and even many types of sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, erectile problems etc.) may offend your intimate life.

Being a "penetrator" is a masculine challenge that is clearly symbolized by the sexual interplay. Every man should find his own barriers to tackle, pushing against his own existing limits. Only by penetrating boundaries will you discover what has been awaiting you on the other side of the wall. Otherwise, you stay stagnant, which is a kind of death. Life without penetration is like a tree that stops growing new branches. A resistance to penetrate deprives you of the promises stored in the creative spirit of man.

You may not immediately identify your penetrating opportunity, and do not wear yourself out looking right now. For the time being, be aware of its existence and that this is an important part of your manhood. In time you will find your own preferred ways to nurture, explore and challenge this precious innate masculine quality.

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