How to Become a Creative Lover: Chapter 8: Think about the hungry hunter’s creativity

Biology (or god, if you prefer) has equipped humans with a special program that in modern times can be missed easily. A lack of awareness of this program may be responsible for many of the so-called "problems" people struggle with, as well as for the ineffective methods of coping with these hardships.

This program is actually simple, but once you start using it you might find it amazing. In order to reconnect to this natural human asset, we must first cross an unseen boundary of fear and this can sometimes be a little difficult.

Here is how it works: once the human system starts to sense hunger, adrenaline starts to circulate in the bloodstream, followed by a set of other so-called "sympathetic" reactions, like stronger heart contractions, dilated pupils and more blood pumping to the muscles.

This automatic physiological response is usually considered a "fight or flight" (to defend yourself or to run away) mechanism. However, this very mechanism can also apply to the way the system enables itself to use more resources that are needed for hunting, such as more power in the muscles to be able to run faster and a more focused mental and visual concentration. Interestingly, this consequence of excess adrenaline is similar in structure and effect to the well-known ADHD drug Ritalin.

An interesting aspect of this body-mind sequence is that, following the changes that prepare the individual to utilize more energy for hunting, a powerful sense of creativity emerges, together with the prolonged sense of hunger. A hunter who uses that burst of hunger-driven energy to just run wildly after an antelope would never have a successful hunt. Only when he puts that acute creativity to use in the form of strategy, manipulation, surprise and sophistication will he be able to catch an animal faster than himself. Hunger produces adrenaline, which in turn boosts both physical energy and creativity. Quite clever, isn't it?

The reason most people are not aware of this natural gift of creative power that is automatically generated by the circulating adrenaline and the resulting excitement is the fact that we have totally forgotten how to live with some hunger.

Our well-fed society, with all the very tasty, cheap and ready-made food on hand, seems to be living in a continuous feast. No wonder so many people are overweight or even obese—they have lost all contact with the body's natural ways of handling hunger. Most of them probably never even feel real hunger pangs, and if they do the food is readily available, with only the minimal effort required to open a bag or pop something into the microwave. There is no doubt that this condition has detached us from our natural instincts and broken that healthy mechanism of creativity inspired by hunger. When you can't sense hunger, your healthy passions become numb and your creativity lies dormant.

As these basic, healthy and "wild" passions subside, it leaves space for other kinds of passions to arise, those related to addictions. These negative passions for an excess consumption of food, chemical substances and even sex further distance the individual from the original state of simple hunger, with its sharpness and creativity that propels us to use our natural forces in order to achieve what our body really needs.

Once you manage to work better with your hunger and not get despaired or anxious by it, you will be able to sense a warm natural "inside movement" that is at the same time sexy and creative. When you are hungry you can feel your body in a better way and you can focus more easily. Retrieving some of these "hungry hunter" properties will pack more punch to your sexual-creative arsenal.

Be aware that modern society's habits may have influenced you to perceive hunger as something you should immediately quench, but I would like to instead warn that if you hush your hunger too soon, you will miss out on that window of opportunity to do things better, using your individual and unique creativity.

Let's get back to our Neanderthal friend. Try to reconnect with this primitive man's unrestrained state of mind and incorporate that sense of wildness and freedom in your sexual functioning, or at least in your fantasies.

During intercourse, you may certainly feel bursts of desire to be the most savage man as you penetrate the woman's vagina (remembering to always respect your partner's limits and not confuse savage with brutal). Regretfully, this is sometimes the only time people let themselves connect to their deep origins. Even sadder is that many other people do not even have this during sex.

The good news is that here I am presenting and handing you a new tool in this process, so you can actually practice this vital part of your manhood. The coupled "sexual-creativity" can assist you not only to better enjoy sex, but also to have what the Neanderthal wasn't as ready as you are to use: the benefits of being more spontaneous, initiative-taking and creative.

But for this to happen in your life you must explore your ability to be hungry, as simple as that. I am not asking you to suffer or to turn into a martyr. Simply stretch out your need for satisfaction a little more, in order to build up your adrenaline flow enough to trigger your natural creativity.

Interestingly, when I lead people to do intuitive painting, which activates their natural creativity, many of them report that their prior excess hunger for food was significantly subdued while they participated in the emotional-creative activity. In other words, they consumed the "mental food" of their creative output, and that managed to satisfy cravings for "real food.”

Haven't you noticed how when you are completely engaged in a project that requires your creative capabilities, the hours tend to slip by without noticing a missed mealtime? Whereas when you are bored and not fully using your mental facilities, you often wind up snacking as a way to pass the time?

So try to challenge our society's notion of immediately numbing our basic cravings and to figure out your relationship with your hunger and with the blessed creativity it evokes.

Did you know that all the fuss about foreplay is nothing but a need to build the sexual tension around an increasingly growing hunger for the "real thing"? When you are pressed by the urge to penetrate (and get it over with, for goodness sake!), hungry to do your "duty,” open your eyes to the rich creative opportunity that is being handed to you free of charge in that moment, which will connect you better to your spouse, to your body and to your natural creativity.

Instead of just trying to get it over with, delay the satisfaction and see what happens. If you prolong the pleasure, or "stay hungry,” you will make your sexual experience last longer. Stay hungry and act; stay hungry and move; stay hungry and become more enterprising; stay hungry and become a stronger man, in many ways.

You may also decide to explore your hunger directly with eating, just to sense what I am referring to. You will be able to realize this gift if you couple your hunger with a creative initiation or a sort of playful approach to a challenge. But if you just struggle with your hunger without channeling the energy into a creative outlet, you will only build an anxiety that will eventually defeat you. If you have eating and weight issues, by the way, contact me and I will definitely help you.

However, what is more important for our cause is what you do when you take your clothes off and start intimately touching your sexual partner. The grand question to keep in mind: how far will you let yourself connect to your sexual hunger and stay with it, and how far will you follow the creative sensation that springs from controlled hunger?

The Neanderthal inside you is calling you to let him emerge in your sexual moments. You can let him join you when you are flirting, when you are talking sexy, when you undress yourself and your partner, when you touch and are touched, and finally when you, penetrate, stay longer in the intercourse and reach your great orgasm. Be there, stay calm with your hunger, connect to your innate creative movement (do not try to understand this, you may simply relate to it as to a natural dancing movement that starts happening when you enter the erotic scene) and come to realize why people are so interested in everything that has to do with sex.


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