Intuition: Always in Your Better Way

Due to misunderstandings and ignorance, some people come to misjudge the validity and precision of intuition. They claim, in various ways, that not always following intuition proves to be the proper decision as it may lead, so they say, to some wrong decisions, to hasty conclusions and to poorly reasonable choices. And this, they believe, can cause hurt, damage and regret.

Such attitude to intuition is mainly a result of poor understanding of the nature of intuition as well as its laser beam accuracy. Yet, it is not that surprising to hear such negative evaluation about intuition. After all, intuition is tightly connected to emotions (intuition is about feeling knowledge that comes from within), and we all know that emotions cannot be really trusted as reliable, don't them?

Two main issues must be considered when we're puzzled about the correctness of intuition.

1. Fear is the only reason why intuition may "not work."

As long as we pay too much attention to our fear and doubt, what we believe as "intuition" is actually something else. When we try to follow our heart's wisdom yet in fact we let fear guide us, this will no longer be an act of listening to intuition or operating through its wise direction. Yet, this may be a necessary step in our self-training towards being more intuitive. This may be one of many "mistakes" we may have to make on our way home. Feeling intuition without fear is something we gradually learn, with time. 

2. Sometimes what seems to be "bad consequences" due to what we believe as intuitive decision is nothing but a necessary step towards our better life.

We all know about these things.
Let's say you follow your intuition and leave the place you worked in, for years. You had their everything people could ever dream about: good salary, respect, good pension, you got it all covered. Yet your heart is not happy. It has never been happy there. You only pleased other people by being  there but not your soul. So you finally decide to quit. And you lose all your benefits. You even become poor for a while.

Bad decision? Wrong intuition?
Most people will say you lost your mind.
Will you have enough courage and resilience to pass this transition zone to find what your intuition has prepared for you?
If you do, you may realize that you are finally free, for the first time in your life.
From there on you will decide to be more loyal to yourself and regardless of what people may say you will dedicate the rest of your life to your true passions.
So you will remain relatively poor for sometimes. Poor but happier.

And this will go on until you learn how to connect your passion to full work (your intuition will show you how)  that will grant you enough money to stay free of worries and still do only what follows your heart's wishes. Sounds good to you?

Remember: Intuition is always in your better way. Even if sometimes like it seems not. Intuition cannot be against your highest good. Thinking this way is just a result of poor understanding about what intuition really is. 

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