Intuition and Happiness: The secret pair

Tightly related, although many times not recognized as such, happiness and intuition feed each other, depend on each other, nurture each other and even block each other when one of them is down. 

Happiness is not an easy state to define precisely yet we can somehow agree that when this word is mentioned and when we try to relate to it and to connect to moments of happiness in our lives, we more or less refer to the same state of mind, the same sweet and comforting sense of wholeness and completion.
How good it can be to have moments of happiness.|
How much will we be willing to give in order to have some more opportunities to be happy?

Idea: follow your intuition more often and see for yourself that happiness become more frequent in your life. 

One way to address happiness is to assume that it is a result of a special situation in which things in our life come together the right way, in the right time and in the right place. We may tend to believe that such circumstances are pretty rare and even connected to some level of luck and favorable unpredicted coincidences.

But when we take a good look at intuition's role and function we can have a better understanding on how happiness comes to our lives and more importantly, how it can  arrive more frequently due to some mental work we do with ourselves.

Intuition is  our inner guidance to what may lead us to growth and healing.
Yet connecting to intuition is not easy due to various barriers like culture, excess self-criticism, over dependency on certainty, vagueness of its messages, anxieties, worries, life's stresses etc.
Some people manage to connect to their intuition on extreme situations when all boundaries are temporarily removed.
Some during sex, arts, traveling, washing dishes, driving and casual chatting.

But only fraction of people who manage to connect to their intuition also follow it and implement in real life what intuition has guided them to do.
Those people will definitely reach more moments of happiness. Simply because they manage to follow the better path (although challenging) of their lives. Intuition has helped them choose better. That's all. 

Yet a more interesting phenomenon is the opposite way!
The happier we get the easier for us to connect to our intuition. Happiness helps us decrease self-criticism, alleviates worries and melts our anxieties. Happiness opens our hearts to what we usually refuse to see or believe. Happiness gives us a rare opportunity to connect better with our intuition!

This cyclic influence is typical to right brain's higher functions.
One good quality intensifies another one which in turn intensifies the former.
Enthusiasm increases creativity which in turn increases enthusiasm.
Intuition increases happiness that increases intuition.

Strive for more intuitive decisions and acts in your life and you'll find more happiness. Guaranteed. Or you can insist on finding more ways of happiness in your life, and then new and fresh intuition will visit you a lot more.
And yes...this will also make you happier! 

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