Intuition:: The Science of People

Nowadays, science is quite a niche. Very exclusive one.

Most things scientists write or say are not comprehensive to majority of people.
Usually only a scientist can really understand other scientist.
Other people may feel inferior to scientists while not able to question their claims or have a fruitful dialogue with them.

And this, in general, poses a danger.
People learn to not trust their own wisdom and are persuaded to follow what the "real smart people," (the scientists,) say.

And this is where intuition steps in, gracefully.

Intuition is the science of people. 
If science is about exploring the truth about life, then a huge part of this quest and the answers to vital questions can be discovered only through a proper use of the biggest library of knowledge ever existed -- people's intuition.

Each person holds a part of an enormous net of data about life.
Each one of us has some parts of the great and endless puzzle of how, why and for what purpose we this life here.

The more we decode the tools to unlock intuition's flow of knowledge from more and more people, the sooner we understand things better, grow and heal. These tools are available today, for everyone. All that is needed is a will and readiness to learn and practice.

This way, in parallel to our current exciting and impressive science, that functions mostly as a closed group, a new fascinating and exciting science can and should group from people's activating and sharing their innate special set of knowledge, their own intuition.


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