Intuition will Fluorish when you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Much of our western life style is associated with the things we do.
We value ourselves as well as others especially by the deeds and achievements we (or they) have managed to accomplish.

Many times we're even stressed by the fact that we may have not done enough, recently.
We may ask ourselves -- "Is it a kind of depression or just a simple laziness we need to get rid of, as soon as possible?" How shameful it would be if a week passes and nothing happened with our TO DO list, isn't it so?

See how foolish we can get, us modern, sophisticated, coached, "healthy," smart and progressed people. How ignorant we can get to our huge inner treasures while we're obsessed by collecting more and more reassurances of being worthy of attention for being so, allegedly, "useful."

The most important set of data is our intuition. Nothing will ever compare to it. No matter how vast is the internet. The reel valuable things will always come from within. You're pretty aware of this by now, aren't you?

But intuition will flow to our awareness if we only manage to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for once in a while.

So much noise guides us to do, to rush, to make it better and better, but we keep on chasing our tails as long as we don't stop. And do nothing. With no guilt about it. To sit still and do nothing. 10 minutes. May be even more. And not just once. Many times.

But let's make it clear -- we're not talking about "meditation."
This is just another kind of "doing," another "new age task."
Not even VIPASANA retreat is related to this issue.
Real life, everyday life, do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Rest. Is it so hard to do, NOTHING?

Just do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Only then our mind can start making the room for its most valuable golden wisdom.

Intuition does not come from effort and attempt to find something through hard thinking. Intuition comes from NOTHING.  And as long as NOTHING is still too frightening, intuition will remain, as well, nothing.


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