Intuition will Never Lose Hope on You

Being more intuitive is something one should learn, explore, practice and improve with time.

Most people are not aware of the fact that intuition is not just a sudden and unexpected inspiration but a huge, organized and well-structured set of information that is available all time for those who know how to access it.

Moreover, intuition stores unique data, for each individual, separately, that cannot be found elsewhere. You can either listen to your own intuition and work with it, once you're ready to do so, or you will not get those accurate hints and advices at all. It is there, inside your mind, for your best use and growth, but you must go there and pick it yourself, otherwise nothing happens.

But as long as you are not ready to get the presents from your heart, you should know that there is no rush or deadline for this. Intuition is there for you, even when you ignore it, even when you totally doubt its existence. Intuition will wait for you. Intuition will never lose hope on you.

There is nothing wrong about being unaware of the power and possibilities intuition offers to us.  Our life may tend to get stuck more often and our problems will become our addictions, as long as we fail to listen to the wise and courage whispers that try to guide us to our better places.
Yet no judgment should be held for this condition.
This is our journey, with all its mistakes and misunderstandings.

But one should always remember -- Intuition will never lose hope on you.
The tools and roads to our inner and special wisdom will never disapear no matter what we do. The invitation to get inside will stay valid forever.
Much work awaits those who decide to step inside but no one who is interested in her intuition will find close doors.

But until you do, keep in mind -- Intuition will never lose hope on you.


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