Intuitive Painting: A “Sane” way to get…”Insane”

One of the most terrifying scenario one can think about, that represent a universal "horror dream" is becoming "crazy." Aren't we all intimidated by the option of losing our mind, losing our breaks and our means of control over our lives?

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How much energy do we spend to stay "normal" and keep us away from deviating the acceptable course of behaving, thinking, working etc? What is the prices we pay for this effort? What do we lose while trying so hard to stay afloat together with all other "reasonable" people that we regard as our "community" or reference group?

Many people have realized this conflict and its potential damage. People now are looking for safe ways to get a little "insane" without breaking their normal life and or losing their assets. The reason for this is simple: while making sure we keep "insanity" in its "quarantines," far away from our awareness and state of mind, many of our precious emotional and impulsive assets are also sacrificed and denied, in order to make sure we never "cross the line." And this leads, eventually to a pretty dull and poorly satisfying life style...

And this is where Intuitive Painting come to rescue us,  in a most elegant and simple way. While bypassing the self-critic's boundaries, Intuitive Painting allows us to "work with our insanity" in a safe and creative way. The nice thing about the way Intuitive Painting does this for us is that it takes us to these parts in our soul without we can even notice this...

When we practice Intuitive Painting we express all kinds of emotions in a way that keeps all content in a lnguage that always bypasses our understanding. The fact that all this mental energy is chanelled  through a playful, creative and colorful routes makes sure we focus our attention in a way that will keep us safe from getting into the hearts of our conflicts unprepared or not ready.

As long as emotions are transformed into spontaneous creative flow, no harm can happened, on the contrary. All repressed, "forbidden" issues are released, "secretly" become incorporated into the painting, and "stay hidden" from our full attention. All we feel, following good Intuitive Painting session is lighter, happier and may be a little "crazy in a good way..."



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