Become Intuitive Painting Teacher

Some may wonder how can it be possible for someone to learn how to be Intuitive Painting Teacher. It may seem that such unordinary skill requires special talent or unique ability you either born with or no.

But this is far from the truth.
Using intuition and implementing it through a playful and deep process of Intuitive Painting Teaching is something people can learn and this has been going on for 15 years so far with certifying hundreds of Intuitive Painting Teachers, coming from all possible backgrounds.


Who can join the program and how?

  • No prior experience is required due to the unique nature of this profession.
    Emotional maturity and proper motivation are the most needed requirements. 
  • However, being Art Therapist or Art Teacher may ease the process. 
  • Joining the program requires online interview with Dr. Feinstein

The program is made of intensive two days workshops with Dr. Feinstein.
In order to become Intuitive Painting Teacher one must participate in at least 6 workshops + finish the course's home tasks. 

If you feel this path should become also yours, even if you dont understand why (this is when you get intuitive...) do make the first step and contact us for an interview with Dr. Feinstein. In this interview you may ask all questions about the process and the method.  For interview with Dr. Feinstein press Here.




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