Intuitive Painting: Expanding Art Therapy’s Horizons

Intuitive Painting is a method aimed at reducing the Self-Critic's influence on spontaneous creation. Using this method brings people to states in which free and safe flow of emotional expression is possible, including challenging unconcious contents.


Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting system , that is presented here, is unique especially by its clear and well defined rules and theory, which make this technique transmitable to follower instructors, therapists etc.

Intuitive Painting begins with five central assumptions:

  1. All people possess creative ability to fully express their deepest feelings. Read More
  2. This natural ability is usually blocked by over active Self-Critic. Read More
  3. This blockade forces people to live with continuous tension due to inability to stream out many of their emotions. Read More
  4. Verbal  expression yields only partial emotional expression that leaves people with many kinds of stuck mental load. Read More
  5. Intuitive Painting, by systematic reducing of the Self-Critic's interruption while encouraging free creative flow offers a relaitvely easy and very efficient path for otherwise poorly expressed and processed emotional material. Read More


Intuitive Painting has been practiced by Dr. Feinstein and his followers since 1998.
People of all ages, gender and socio-economic status experienced Intuitive Painting, some of them through a continuous process and others in a more intensive one to three days workshop.
The impact of Intruitive Painting reported by clients varies but is centered around:

  1. Sensation of happiness, joy, freedom and excitement during the work.
  2. Reduction in intensity of stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  3. Increased flexibility and creativity in coping with life's challenges
  4. Increase courage to deal with negative and threatening emotions.
  5. Eficient and enjoyable route way to discharge and process mental tension of all sources.


Years of experience and observation of the processes and changes clients go through convinced us that Intuitive painting practice helps people get into a state of emotional transformation in which they can turn what they feel into creative expression, with no interruption of criticism or prominent logical thinking. This transition is immediate and all delay for thinking or understanding only slows and even stops the process.

Intuitive Painting has been combined in traditional Art Therapy techniques by an Art Therapist who has been trained also as Intuitive Painting instructor. According to her report, working with trauma victims has been improved dramatically after incorporating Intuitive Painting to her work.

We believe that now, almost 20 years after its emmergance and after years of practice, Intuitive Painting can and should be suggested as a way to expand Art Therpy's horizons and ability to help people get better through means related to art.


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