Intuitive Painting Leadership means Passion

For us, in Intuitive Painting, the word "passion" serves as a very important "code" that guides the way we lead people to their emotional-creative freedom.

The most interesting part of this is the way we manage to "bring the passion" to our Intuitive Painting Leadership in every session through the process. 

The western culture in which we live in does not encourage much passion expression and/or exploration. We tend to think about passion in a narrow way that limits its involvement in many of our live's issues.

Most of the intuitive ideas and the creative force the Intuitive Painting Leaders base their work on is nurtured by their growing passion. Furthermore, the better they get in their work the more passionate they become before, during and after their meeting with their groups.

Most people doin't know this, usually, but Intuitive Painting Leaders learn that this actually the reality: Passion is a most a important, even crucial part in happiness and health and more important -- something we can intensify, grow and improves through the proper work and training. 

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