Intuitive Painting Leadership Program

The Intuitive Painting Leaders Program is a 12 months long process that prepares people who are in the proper state of mind and maturity to grow into this profession successfully. To determine whether you are fit for this program and can really enjoy its  benefits all you need to do is having a conversation with Dr. Feinstein.

The process is made of online live classes, home practice (self and group practice) and continuous sharing and feedback. At the end of the process the students who completed their duties receive certification to lead Intuitive Painting groups through Dr. Pinkie Feinstein's method. 

Online Live Classes
The Online Live Classes are made of video conference platform in which Dr. Feinstein connects live with all the students once every two weeks.
The online classes  are two hours long and are dedicated to theory, follow up and Intuitive Painting practice.

Home Practice
Between classes, the students are requested to practice Intuitive Painting with themselves (self-practice) as well as with others (group-practice). We encourage our students to start group practicing as soon as possible and give them the knowledge and tools to do it, even in early stages of the process.
This is how the learning works in Intuitive Painting Leadership: theory and practice must always be intertwined. 

Sharing and Feedback
All the work our students do (images of their Intuitive Paintings and their group pracices) are uploaded to a closed facebook group. Feedback and further instructions from Dr. Feinstein are given on a daily basis inside the group. This is also the place for all questions, doubts and problems to be shared and get fast answer and further guidance.

After 12 months, once all of the course's duties are completed the students get certification that allows them to run Intuitive Painting groups.

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