Intuitive Painting Leadership School

Some may wonder how can it be possible for someone to learn how to be Intuitive Painting Leader. Normally, so it seems, such profession is a result of special gifts only a few people possess.
Indeed, this is unusual. Intuitive Painting by itself is also quite unusual.
But in one place in the world this unexpected thing does it happen. Here.
So far close to 200 Intuitive Painting leaders were certified.

For those of you who feel in their hearts that leading Intuitive Painting is their call and still don't know how to turn this passion into a practical profession, Dr. Pinki Feinstein  develop and design the program that will fulfill your dream.

Who can join the program and how?

  • No prior experience is required due to the unique nature of this profession.
    Emotional maturity and proper motivation are the most needed requirements. 
  • You can make the whole process without travelling anywhere.
  • Each level will take you 4-6 months to complete, depending on your availability. 

If you're 40 years or older and feel strong passion about this idea, you may be elligible to join level 1 of the Intuitive Painting Leadership School.

Your first step would be to send us your story and have an interview with Dr. Feinstein (Here.)

If this goes successful we'll guide you through the next steps towards making your dream real.

How it works:
Intuitive Painting Leadership School is made of three levels, each represents a technique in Intuitive Painting and level of development.

Once accepted to the program, you will register to level 1 and when you finish all duties there, successfully, you may, if you want, progress to next level.
You may also decide not to move further and remain level 1 leader and work with the first technique only. 

The fee for each level: $1200 

Intuitive Painting Leadership Level 1: Soft Pastels on paper:
This is the "breakthrough" level that turns people from thinking they are not talented to knowing they are highly creative and able to express their feelings through a unique and exciting creation. This is a very emotional level.

Intuitive Painting Leadership Level 2: Oil Pastels + Acrilic on big paper
This level depends on succeesful completion of its previous one. The purposes of this level is expand creative expression into big format and to give the authentic creativity a path to mature through. This level is also a necessity preparation to level 3.

Intuitive Painting Leadership Level 3: Acrilic on canvas
This is the ultimate Intuitive Painting way of expression, and from here the sky is the limit. In this level the span of spontaneous creativity expands into a state in which all kinds of feellings and emotions can be expressed with no delay and are transformaed into exciting and one of a kind painting. When people work in this level they come to understanding there is a true artist within them. 




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