Intuitive Painting: The Safe Path to the Truth

In the world we live in there is no way one can always communicate her truth. Furthermore, many "forbidden" fantasies and impulses must many times remain hidden or denied becaue they threaten what we conieve as the proper way to behave, talk, share etc.

Yet keeping big parts of the truth silent has its price. Many mental problems and some physical as well result from too many held back emotions or urges. There is no shred of doubt about this.


So what do we do with this problematic and monstrous truth?

how can we stay part of the normal society and at the same time take good care of our inner shouts, pains and confusionk?

This is where Intuitive Painting makes its entrance to the play.
Intuitive Painting offers the exact tool our souls so in need for: A path in which we can express EVERYTHING in our mind or in the back of our mind without any risk to hurt us or others. The truth we manage to channel through the creative-spontaneous practice remains obscure to our logical system. We don't really understand what we express there.


But what we feel is a combination of relief, discharge, joy, sense of new energy, passion and vitality. We remain blind to the true content of what we just freed yet we find ourselves smiling and not that concerned about our lack of understanding.

If emotional discharge and processing is really in our top of the list, we better consider, as a rule, to put aside our chronic need to understand and compartmentalize everything and instead give room to creative modes like Intuitive Painting to aid us.

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