Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting is a method that is aimed directly at a very specific and troublsome target: the exaggerated inner critic.

No matter how hard we try to overcome that annoying and restricting part in our head, as long as we do not reach a state of spontaneous and flowing creation we remain prisoners of our own sophisticated mind.


During the late 90's, while trying to overcome his own inner critic's over influence, Dr. Feinstein developed the Intuitive Painting method, that first liberated him from his own blocks and helped him cope better with his depression and anxiety and later became a most popular way to transform emotions, of all kinds, into an enjoyable stream of colors and shapes.

Intuitive Painting enables people to find their own unique path of creation that comes directly from the bottom of their hearts. At first it seems quite impossible to reach a spontaneous and free flow that results with exciting results, but this state quickly dissapears after engaging with the method.

We say INTUITIVE Painting because we have no idea of what will become from our work there. This is the most fascinating part of this way: we follow our deep passion while not not knowing where its going to take us, soon.

This adventure, while taking place together with inner critic shrinking allows intuition to take wheel of the creative work and lead us to places we couldn't dream exist, in our hearts. Many people report that Intuitive Painting changed their lives. This is probably the result of reaching a new place in which inner criticism is lower and spontaneous emotional creation becomes easy and so handy. 


Since 2004, Dr. Feinstein has been training Intuitive Painting leaders that forward the practice around the world. Nowdays Dr. Feinstein offers the only place, globally, to get this training and certificate.


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