No Risk No Intuition

Intuition is not just a new or surprising information.
In fact, at its core, intuition is a call for action.
But not just an action... a scary one!

This is how it works:

Intuition represents things we know inside us yet are not ready to get it validated or totally understandable. It is a way of foreseeing the better ways for us to go to or experience, yet no common logic can reassure us that doing so will really work for us well.

In other words -- intuition is trying to show us what we better do yet are still afraid or blocked to go forward and try it. It is beyond our current perception of what we can control and manage. This kind of advice and push coming from our intuition attracts us to places of uncertainty and blurred consequences.

And this is scary (of course!)

But this is the name of the game.

Take some risk or have no intuition available for you.
Go against the common stream or stay exactly where you are. Intuition will never show itself as a safe path (although time and experience will show you it is the safest route possible!)

The nice thing about this mechanism is its connection to flow.
Once you let yourself jump into the adventurous zone of implementing intuitive ideas, more valuable and fresh intuitive information will be presented to you, free of charge, a direct reward for your bravery!

But if you delay, cause you need to "think about it..." you lose your opportunity.
You cannot calculate the odds of success. You either take a risk or you lose your intuitive guidance, for that particular moment. However, once you started moving with the risk, you will have plenty of time to think about it, while moving ahead to your better future.

We all have, right now, some scary moves to do, representations of our intuition's wisdom.
If we play it safe, we stay behind.
If we take a risk, a whole new playground is opened to us with all its generosity. 

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