Over Active Self-Critic Aborts Emotional-Creative Flow

Emotional-Creative Flow (ECF) is a dynamic state in which feelings and emotions are turned into spontaneous creative expression, therby transforming the mental energy stored in emotions into free creative force.


This unique state is usually referred to art work and artists yet years of working with Intuitive Painting and has led to the understanding that it is a universal and natural human ability that is forced to stay dormant since early ages.

Furthermore, we believe that many of human emotional difficulties stem from unconcious neglect of the ability to maintain ECF. It appears that anxieties, for example can be significantly reduced in intensity and duration during ECF. The same works for other unpleasant emotional states.


Instead, people who stay stuck with their emotional load because they don't have an easy and efficient route to release the tension and to process it quickly suffer more and may need more extensive treatments as well as need for drugs.

The reason for the fact that many people are ignorant to their natural ECF is the over activity of their Inner-Critic. The Inner Critic blocks the connection between emotions and their spontaneous creative expression. It does so by inducing exaggerated cautiousness and fear from "bad consequences" or "bad results" due to spontaneous creative initiative. Most people are so trapped in this state that they are poorly aware of it, therby remaining forced to suffer more from their emotional turmoils.


Intuitive Painting is a method aimed at maximal reduction of the Inner-Critic's negative influence. During the Intuitive Painting practice, various techniques are used to help individuals "forget" their critic habits and to reach a state of Emotional-Creative Flow. Theyr lear how to create without planning, without stopping, without analysing and without the need to "fix" what they do.

Emotional-Creative Flow may serve as a basis for significant improvement in dealing with emotional problems. For it to become available and active we must develop and use tools to minimize the impact of the over active Inner Critic.


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