People’s true story is fully told through Intuitive Painting

Pay attention to the video below to get the feeling 

For the Intuitive Painting Leader, through the emotional-intellectual skills he develops during the training, people who participate in Intuitive Painting are in fact telling their full and uncensored story, while working with the colors, unaware about the process they go through, that allows them to let go of many of the stuck emotional load they used to carry.

This phenomenon is made possible due to special feature of the Dr. Pinki Feinstein's Intuitive Painting's language that we train people to communicate through. No analyzing, no interpretations, no discussion and no other logical processing is allowed while watching the works and communicating about them.

Furthermore, the way we make our students work with no self-criticism while pushing them to change their work over and over again, creates a special state of mind, in which no focus is made on the "meaning" of the results. This aspect becomes irrelevant and unimportant whereas the free flow and the unstoppable emotional expression remains the main issue, target and source for joy.

This lesson is most important -- unconscious material will ever remain unconscious and this is how it should always be. Yet we must make ways to express it as is, in indirect creative ways, that keep this hidden material coded yet allow it to come to light while remain mysterious, secret and a source for continuous passion to get back to it again.


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