Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 4: Normal Right-Brain emotional processing

The Bible begins with a pretty bleak picture. God's spirit was flowing amongst the chaos of darkness and nothingness. Seeing how he was all alone (and probably bored) in all this endless space, god decided, according to this story, to bring life into being and gradually all life forms were created.

In order for a baby to be born, we need a long period of time to let it grow, at the right pace, inside the uterus. A magical process, governed solely by a natural mechanism, quietly unfolds out of our sight, until everything is in place for the new life to enter our world.

Whether seen from the Biblical or biological metaphor, both can help us approach the Right-Brain in the right way. Everything must begin in some nebulous space where it can grow silently before we can use it. We know that pregnancy is essential for the baby, this is why we don’t interfere with its holy process. We respect nature (at least most of us try to) and follow its miraculous phenomena.

When we wish to be helped by the Right-Brain and learn how to work with it, there is one thing we must bear in mind from the very beginning: it is not always clear what is going on and it doesn’t need to be. The information I am about to present here may not make sense at first. I bring it to you after observing it work in many cases. It holds the potential to be misunderstood because it contains many new approaches to how the human soul functions and copes with its challenges.

Even though the Right-Brain works in ways we cannot immediately understand, it is still working and needs the proper conditions to make things ready for our Left-Brain, which must understand how things work and what exactly "should be done."

However, due to a contemporary state of mind generally dominated by the Left-Brain, the Right-Brain's work is frequently interrupted and this is when problems begin to form― first silently (like in pregnancy) and later expanding to problems that are visible and powerful.

The first chapter of the Bible is called Genesis, meaning "origin" or "creation," because god decided to turn the "nothing" into what we conceptualize as "reality." What is obvious is that all the materials needed to form life were already present in another form, and were used in order to create "magic." When we want to make friends with the Right-Brain, we must give some space for poorly understood concepts to just float around until they are arranged into more coherent and practical tools that can help us recover from what was previously considered impossible to change.

From now on, this will be the state of mind I will ask that you do your best to adopt – begin with an open-minded approach when you read the material, without needing to understand everything thoroughly. When you strain your brain to understand too early, you create a radical imbalance where your Left-Brain does not let anything be present unless it fits into its strict laws of logical and linear order. Let yourself be in a mode where you first read, absorb and feel the information. Later, I assure you, you will begin to understand. This is the approach I use to help many people recover from their diverse issues and problems.

We begin with the realization that something is going on that we cannot fully visualize or understand (like in pregnancy) and we gradually follow along until we can finally take a larger part of the scene and understand our role in it. In every moment, something is going on in the Right-Brain, and if we learn how to let it work we can later enjoy the delicious fruits it has in store for us.

The first thing I would like you to learn about, despite the possibility that at first it may sound fantastic and maybe "magical," is how the Right-Brain processes emotions, feelings, and impressions. It would be best if you try not to "understand," but to instead let the words reach your mind with minimal interruption. As I said before, the understanding does come later.

Are you able to work this way ― first to listen and feel and later, when the time is ripe, to start understanding? Will you be willing to work with information which may seem interesting, but which is first poorly comprehensible at first glance? When you do so, you give your Right-Brain the right space to contribute its best functions for you.

So here it goes ― the Right-Brain, the place where emotions and creativity come from, has this special ability to process emotions through a sort of creative work. Whatever it receives as an emotional impression can be transformed into a creative idea, urge and action. This process begins inside, silently, and is later ready for output in the real world.

The Right-Brain doesn't try to understand what is going on; this is not its duty. Yet it can help us have a clear view of everything if we let it work and process the emotional tone of our impressions, before we start analyzing (and get stuck). The work the Right-Brain does is related to shifting and using the intensive energetic force of emotions into a creative state of mind that will later be presented to the Left-Brain so it can take executive action.

Emotions are actually the fuel or precursor for a creative state of mind. Try to put aside any preconceptions you may have regarding creativity and stay with this model. Emotions (as Right-Brain output) should first "talk the language of creativity" (Right-Brain output). This is why we tend not to understand emotions, because they are mainly a "raw material" that needs to be processed through a creative channel.

As we have evolved into a well-developed society, we have also created a clear state of mind that does not allow the Right-Brain to do its work. When we approach life phenomena as seen primarily through a Left-Brain filter, we unknowingly make a basic mistake. By forcing ourselves to first understand, we abort the emotion-to-creative pathway that is supposed to shift emotions into something we not only "live with" but also "work with."

I have seen so much proof for this model. The most important is the massive positive feedback from people whom I have shown how to assist their Right-Brain to complete its work with fewer interruptions from their Left-Brain. The Right-Brain does have its normal way of coping with change and difficult situations. Following its work, it hands us terrific creative opportunities. The Left-Brain, which is a brilliant executer, needs to re-evaluate its place in order to not disturb this process through exaggerated criticism or a demand for preliminary full "understanding."

Your role is to remain open-minded to the possibility that "creativity" is a very common, natural and simple human asset that every Right-Brain possesses.

By implementing the information presented to you here, you will be able to start activating that natural property. This will assist you to restore your Right-Brain's capability of fully processing difficult situations and working out the kinks in chronic problems.

The more questions you ask, the wider your heart opens to provide you with new kinds of answers.

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