Right Brain’s Way: Chapter 6: Addiction: Right-Brain’s negative default

When you do not turn on a light, you have darkness. This is a physical fact your Left-Brain will be happy to confirm. The same goes with heat― when you do not create a warming energy, you will feel cold. As far as we can perceive the reality in which we live in, these are proven phenomena.

In quite a similar way, there is another, more subtle set of mental phenomena that behave exactly the same, yet in a more gradual and less measurable way. The rule is simple: by not investing in the positive, you will eventually have negative. If you do not find ways to be optimistic, you will sooner or later become pessimistic. If you do not find ways to express passion in your life, you will end up with a tendency for bitterness or depression.

Whenever you don't manage to find the switch that turns the light on around you, you stay in the darkness and suffer the consequences of disorientation, confusion and apathy. The worst thing that can happen is getting so used to the unpleasant conditions of the darkness that it becomes familiar and you start to believe there is no other way to live. Your Left-Brain makes only a superficial sweep over what can be readily observed, and when he takes a look around and sees nothing he says, "This is what I find, this is what we have here as far as I know for this moment." And that's that.

People who do not express creativity had the plug pulled on their natural creativity quite early in life; so they became accustomed to the unnatural darkness of no creativity. People who grew up in a loveless household and were never trained to feel love may approach relationships as an adult with fear and suspiciousness. Whenever you don’t turn on the light you get the darkness, and this is how you are going to stay, and suffer, until you manage to find the switch that turns the light back on.

Why is it that many extensive drug treatments fail to cure depression? It is because no medication can explain to its patient that depression is the end result of a disconnection with natural passion. I have seen people who were struggling with depression for years, each new treatment proving unsuccessful. Once they were given new tools to get in touch with their true authentic passion, they reported a significant improvement in their mood and a sense of hope and optimism.

"Turning on the light," emotionally as well as spiritually (and eventually also physically) means investing energy in order to get to a better place. Whenever we stop investing a reasonable amount of our attention and effort in making courageous changes to our life, things will start falling apart. We have a great internal system that can be creative and self-healing, but it cannot always run on autopilot; it needs our help.

Gardeners know full well that as soon as they stop nurturing their crops, the leaves will shrivel and all sorts of pests and diseases will attack the vulnerable plant. The same principle can be applied to our career, marriage, parenting and any other aspect of life. The potential for positive growth is always there, but it requires cultivation. It must be exposed to the sunlight to thrive. In the darkness our creativity, positivity and productivity have no life-filling source of energy to reach towards, so their growth is stunted or worse yet― they die.

Just as dangerous, the darkness is addictive, extremely addictive. Once you get used to being pessimistic, your eyes adjust to the dark sunglasses and it would be too painfully bright to take them off. Once you get used to being uncreative, you may stay like this for the rest of your life and erase all previous creative memories, perhaps even blaming genetics for creating what you believe to be a permanent condition. And this, my friend, is an addiction. You are hooked on it and are not even aware of any other option.

The same goes with the Right-Brain. Whenever we fail to give the Right-Brain the right conditions to work at its full capacity (as we certainly tend to), it resorts to its default "darkness" mode and churns out only negativity. When you don't turn on the light – that is, when you don’t create the right climate for the positive phenomena to function – you allow darkness to fill the room in which you will suffer. When we don't let the Right-Brain do its work at its highest performance level, it will descend to its lower set of functions.

Our brains are buzzing with energy, and energy cannot stand still. You have two options: grasp it and immediately enjoy its contribution to your life or neglect it and eventually realize that this energy has found other ways of expressing itself.

Cold is one manifestation of abandoned energy. As long as we do not re-heat, we will continue suffering in the cold. It can chill us to the point of total lethargy, a state that will never allow us to reach our goals of work productivity and bubbling creativity.

You will learn here how to properly "heat" the Right-Brain so that it can emit positive things like creativity, passion, emotional connection, intuition and more. A nice steamy environment also creates great lubrication to more quickly, smoothly and gracefully end our sticky problems.

Working at its optimal performance, the Right-Brain can help us realize our professional identity and better select life partners. If the Left-Brain is like a calculating machine that thinks, the Right-Brain is like the antenna that receives signals at a higher rate than what the machine can interpret and process. It has the ability to sense and evaluate a special set of data, which is sent through the air unseen. When you arrive in a certain place and feel like you finally "arrived home," this is your Right-Brain reporting to you that there is a match between the outer location and your inner feelings. When you feel like you click with somebody and realize you could have a meaningful connection with this person, it is your Right-Brain who gives you the real confirmation that it is a good match, the final approval for the friendship. You cannot "plan" your good friends. You just meet different people until your Right-Brain picks up a recognizable signal from someone that meshes with your needs.

But what happens when we stop listening to our Right-Brain? What happens if we no longer tune in to the multiple feelings it transmits to direct us towards the right ways to work, mate and create? What happens when we stop playing, changing, improvising and even smiling? What happens if we simply do not know how to activate our Right-Brain properly?

What we get is the Right-Brain's emotional default, the darkness of the Right-Brain: an addiction.

Looking closely at a stubborn problem, you will see how it involves many negative emotions in an unchanged way. The whole set of attitudes towards a chronic problem is mainly emotional, but in the wrong way. We tend to be pessimistic about the problem, to lose hope about it, to feel helpless and impotent and all of these are nothing but a part of a big illusion we are trapped in.

Human beings, the most creative and sophisticated creatures on Earth, have allowed themselves to be dragged into a state of mind of complete impotence. We may laugh at the irony, but it is what we all experience when attacked by our chronic and recurrent problems.

The truth is that it's not that we cannot end the problem. We are simply facing the Right-Brain's negative response, its darkness, which brings its owns consequences. Our Right-Brain is rightfully upset at our rejection of its capabilities. Out of retaliation, using its tremendous creativity, it immerses us in a whole set of entrapping beliefs and conceptions that make us feel helpless and weak.

Your heart is involved in the problems you have, whether you agree or not. This is the real reason why problems stay, as they are deeply anchored emotionally. Yet the very same heart, once activated properly through your Right-Brain to find its creative ways of dealing with the problem, will put an end to the disharmony. It is the only way to save you.

And yes, keep on asking these three not-so-pleasant questions. Charge your Right-Brain and later it will come to rescue you.

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