Self-Critic Buster: Day 10: Pay Attention to All of the Program’s Components

Part 2: I promise a Change if you promise to Work

I would like to remind you of the crucial importance of the Daily Practice and the Morning and Evening Reports. Please review all of them and make sure you fully understand how to get involved with these aspects of the program. In this way your self-critic will be dealt with successfully and you will enjoy the benefits of this precious work.

Remember, this is not a walk in the park. The struggle to decrease self-criticism is not among the easiest tasks people face. You must use all the tools I am giving you so this shift will really take place. You must remember that this part of your personality has no intention to stop being your "boss" that easily.

From now on this lesson should remain as a corner stone for your future struggle for life with less self-criticism -- there is always work to do, there is always a need for specific attention for this important goal. This program can give you the tools, the ideas and the platform. However -- you are the one who needs to decide to never cease working on this important task. This kind of approach will make sure you prevail.

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