Self-Critic Buster: Day 11: The Historic Decision

The self-critic buster will help you a great deal if you manage to reach a "historic decision." These are not just dramatic words. This is the second necessary step you must take in order for your lofty goal to become your unequivocal achievement. Each text you read and each exercise you do take you closer to this virtual cross road where this decision will have to be made.

Many times, people do not manage to complete a project or to pursue a significant dream if they cannot make a "historic decision." The decision you have to make soon is that significantly decreasing the self-critic's influence should be one of your most important short-term goals. You have no room for compromise about this topic. You must be determined and consistent.

Unlike some other people, you are about to make this "historic decision". In fact, parts of you have already taken this brave step and pushed you to choose this program and to dedicate some time for doing the work. Somewhere inside your heart, at the place where the real decisions are being made, a clear and focused decision must become prominent and strong -- to do whatever it takes to create a life style free of excessive self-criticism.

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