Self-Critic Buster 2:  The Self-Critic Hurts You

The most important thing for you to understand is the extent and severity of damage caused to you by your self-critic. The sooner you acknowledge this condition, the sooner you can start changing it. Before I begin to explain how the self-critic damages you, why don't you start to stretch your mind and look for the information inside you? Are you ready to do some work and get yourself in the right position to acquire the heart of this topic?

Go ahead and find ways to express your current understanding of the way your self-critic hurts you. You will do it through the next exercise. I remind you that you don't always need to come up with twelve "significant" answers, and you may, from time to time, write something like "I don't know" or "I have no idea" and then continue on to the next sentence. Allowing yourself to not know from time to time also helps to reduce the self-critic's influence.

Get used to this idea -- lots of precious information is waiting for you to reveal it through the back and forth reading and writing you will do here. As long as we just read new information without having it "circulate" through creative parts of our brain no change will take place and the self-critic will "make sure" everything remains the same. Once you involve the 12 sentences completion exercises that are targeted for this purpose, you transform the old paradigm and start forming a fresh and healthier one.

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