Self-Critic Buster: Day 3: Flow and Start Resisting Your Self-Critic’s Agenda

This process of the "self-critic buster" program takes place mainly in the backstage of your mind, the same place where your self-critic was created and where it mainly operates. For this reason -- since it is a bit in the subconscious -- don't try to immediately understand the material. In time and after repeated practice, you will find it easy and simple both to understand as well as to control that part in you that currently may be too involved in your life.

Just read the text presented to you without stopping, from beginning to end. As you do so, a gradual emotional change will start to take place. However, if you stop too often during the text to go back because you feel you didn't understand something; it will interfere with the program, and will only strengthen your self-critic. Calm down and let the information enter your soul in its own way. Let the smooth flow of this program take you, safely into a new and liberated state of mind even if you cannot always realize what is going on.

By the way, that is exactly what your self-critic wouldn't like you to do! It insists that you need to feel "sure" about everything and makes you re-check what you do in order to prevent you from making mistakes. It encourages you to doubt your abilities and to question your potential. It intensifies your insecurity and emphasizes the reasons to be pessimistic. Here and now, you can start rebelling against its ruling. Here and now, the change begins!

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