Self-Critic Buster: Day 4: Get To Know the Real Facts

Your self-critic constantly whispers that you are not good enough to do certain things and that you will probably fail. When you do fail, it makes you feel terrible, and it tries to convince you to not bother trying again.  It may also suggest you go back and analyze every step you took in your previous actions and plans to see why they ended up being such a failure. Even so, despite all these attempts to "learn from the past," you will surely make more mistakes in the future.

Your self-critic is terribly busy keeping you away from participating in spontaneously creative events, and it tells you that all it wants is to keep you from being embarrassed or humiliated. Yet, its secret goal is just to block you and make you stay smaller than what you can be. You will have to realize this manipulation, in time. You will need to overcome this influence and you will acquire the tools to do so, right here.

Your self-critic believes that you deserve to be criticized by other people, and should be corrected as many times as possible in order to improve. While it is a good goal to improve, as long as your self-critic is in charge, you will remain too frightened of making mistakes, and your performance will remain at a low level. I am sure this not what you desire to have in your life. I am sure you want to have a better support and fewer disruptions on your way to achieve your real goals.

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