Self-Critic Buster: Day 5: Guilty Feelings

Your self-critic is that part of you that generates all those painful feelings of guilt you may have once in a while. Pay attention during these moments to how you feel about yourself. Most of the time you will notice you find it pretty hard to "be yourself" when such a flood of negative (yet quite convincing) information is showered on you. Are you ready to fully acknowledge this phenomenon?

Your self-critic is responsible for a continuous sense of dissatisfaction with one or more things you mishandled (or forgot to do) recently. A sense of recurrent frustration characterizes the self-critic's involvement almost every time it gets to work on you. Are you aware of the fact that such state of mind is something you can gradually say "goodbye" to, with the proper work?

For now you can simply open your mind to the possibility that you can create a much more effective way to handle your problems and "failures" without suffering this "guilty phase." This is why you are here, working with the Self-Critic Buster. We are about to establish, in times, new and positive routes to respond to such event without leaving you in pain or any other uncomfortable feelings.

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