Self-Critic Buster: Day 6: Worries…

Your self-critic is busy coloring your present, as well as your future, in darker tones. It tries to explain these actions by saying that it will help you lower your expectations and prevent you from suffering any disappointments. Isn't this the nicest thing? After all, your self-critic helps you not to feel embarrassed or ashamed, isn't that so? Well, we are here in order to correct this deception. Your self-critic is not coming from such positive objectives.

Your self-critic can also play a very healthy and helpful role. It is that force that keeps you from just dashing into a busy street. So it is a good thing that you will never totally get rid of your self-critic. But getting rid of your self-critic is not in our agenda at all. All we are aimed at is lowering your self-critic's level so it only functions where we really need it to and not in any other space.

Any worries you may have about becoming a reckless person from this program are just the result of your self-critic worrying about being taken off his throne. Rest assured that all the basic positive aspects of your self-critic will remain intact. You will remain the same responsible, social and nice person you have always been, but you will also become a much freer spirit, at the same time.

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